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Would A Loving Jesus Or God Wait This Long Before Reappearing?

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Would a loving Jesus or God wait this long before reappearing?


Jesus would know and live in the same kind of time frame as you and I. He would perceives time as you and I do.


He has been gone, to some, and to himself, for 2000 years. To others, who see Jesus as an archetype, much longer. Back to Egypt and Sumer. I am of this group and see Jesus born in the 4th millennium BC. That or he was what, the 7th bastard son of God. God forbid.


The God I know is a good God and I recognize that you think your God is a good God as well.

I want to highlight here that the word God also represents your political God as defined as whatever set of rules you follow day to day. Atheists can thus have a God without it being an insult, as well as all other peoples.


Defining the word good, in God’s absence, is quite the chore as our self pride tries to make us all lower case g Gods. A good thing.


I suggest that God and Jesus are progressively less good and more cruel, over time, if he or they do not reappear. That would be immoral and God cannot be immoral.

That confirms to my mind, that reading Jesus as an archetype, is the right way to read scripture. Otherwise, Jesus and or God, are shown to be immoral constructs.


I suggest that God and or Jesus, real or not, have broken their covenant with mankind.


As we speak, 6 million starve to death yearly. 1 holocaust per year my friends. No God or Jesus who wants to be seen as having relevance, kindness or mercy for mankind, would be waiting in the wings as this and other carnage ravages the human race. No way.



God began to break his covenant with mankind in Eden by cursing the earth and has progressively pulled further back and lives up to at least one small part of the covenant but allowing, if you please, man kind their Dominion.


It is no wonder that Bible God will have no one above him. No one can stoop that low.


God is dead.

Thank God, God is dead.

Long live God.


God as defined as a set of rules that is, thus all benefit as secularism leads the way to better rules.


God became the Word. The word is Secular.


Would a loving Jesus or God wait this long before reappearing?

Would he continue to allow a new holocaust every year?




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