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Dream, Confronting The Devil


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What follows is what I wrote about a dream the morning I woke up from it (yesterday). It seemed rather profound. When I was a believer, I used to have nightmares about demons immobilizing me, and I struggled to get the name of Jesus out of my lips. Towards the end of my Christian belief, I stopped taking that approach and instead would relax and worship inwardly, just trusting, and I could feel the demons let go. I wondered what would happen now that I am not a believer. Yesterday I got to find out.






I dreamed that I was in my old house from growing up. I was with my brother (who once confronted a demon dog in his dreams with a book that he beat over its head. The dog vaporized. The title of the book was "Logic".)


Out the window was the night sky, but like an detailed artist's rendition with many moons like line drawings. I said "Am I dreaming? How can I be dreaming, this seems so real." Yet, the image of many moons didn't fade, but grew more detailed. I went to the back porch to go outside, but the back porch area was dark. I knew that I was about to confront "evil". This always happens in my dreams when I can't turn on the light. I noticed that the image of the sky changed when I looked out the back porch window. It changed from a regular image to fog when I looked from through the glass to through the screen. It was an illusion or lure to get me to come to the back porch.


A little boy was there laughing in the semi-dark. He was "the devil" and I caught him and tossed him to the ground. I could feel the standard "evil power" starting to immobilize me and I tried to squeak out the name of Jesus, but then realized what I was doing. I said clearly, "I don't need Jesus to do this. I need to do this." I had my foot on his little chest. He giggled joyfully and ran out the back door while "saying" to me "careful, you're about to sin". I replied, "There is no sin." He kept laughing and running around.


I said to him, "You're me, aren't you?" Part of me spoke this question to him carefully, still confronting the old fear of asking questions of demons. Parts of the dream are fading now. He laughed while embracing a pruned winter-time rose bush, still full of thorns. There was no pain. I caught him again and purposefully swung him into the thorns. He yelled "Ow!" I said, "It hurts if I do it, but not if you do it." I realized then I didn't need to hurt him/me. He wasn't an enemy. I am him, we are one. My intent created the pain.


Somewhere after this I awoke.


Last night I had been thinking about how I used to be able to feel a change in spiritual power when I crossed a state line. I realized last night that I felt it because I expected to feel it. I had been taught about demons and angels setting up boundaries, and aligning themselves with geographic areas. I realized last night that this was a childish imaginary thought, but I had made it "real" by believing it. In my dream, I returned to my childhood fears. I didn't need a savior this time. I am both the devil and god and neither, there is just one. The world that seemed so real then is illusion. This makes me laugh.


I see parallels in the song "Pure Imagination" from Willy Wonka, and in Christian author Johanna Michelson's experience with confronting her spirit guides after becoming a Christian. They feared her and blew up when confronted in the name of Jesus. She believed at some level that they would, so it happened. Rather than prove Jesus and devils as real, she confirmed that her imagination fulfilled what she directed it to do, even when done on a subtle level.


Is this world illusion? Is it like the Matrix? ("There is no spoon") Part of me wants to think I had an insight into "reality", part of me says that this is not demonstrable. I wonder.


Did I create the illusion of my dream as well? I must have. How creative! It wove together concepts I had been thinking about and made them into a vivid story. If I could be this creative while "awake"...


I recalled a phrase from the last Harry Potter book. Dumbledore said to Harry, "Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?"



The question I asked of "him" still strikes me as a profound insight into the "dark self". Thought I'd share it with you all.

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Dreams like this are so awesome! Congratulations on discovering you in this dream, of facing a fear!



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Congratulations on standing up for yourself!! I used to have the same demon experiences of them immobilizing me, sometimes taking me out of my body and throwing me around. That was scary, so eventually I said fuck this shit, stopped worrying about demons and then it just went away. That right there told me I was the one creating it. I was probably subconsciously pissed off for going against myself by being a wacko Christian, I couldn't understand I was doing something wrong consciously so I had demons beat me up for it. It's probably deeper than that, but I'm no psychologist, just guessing.


The place between waking life and dream life is exciting! If you're not afraid of anything all kinds of neat stuff can happen there.





RankStranger: research how to lucid dream, I'm pretty sure there are ways you can make it happen. It might involve changing your diet or sleeping patterns.

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I remember the times as a christian having those exact same dreams! Wow, I would fight with the devil and feel immobilised and have to say the name Jesus. Oddly enough since I have left I have never had those sorts of dreams again. Isn't it fascinating that a lot of us around here have had those sorts of dreams. I can agree with others that we probably set it up in our subconscious by what we were taught as christians.


I haven't had any clear dreams like those old ones yet. I am interested to know if I ever will again, and what will happen in them.

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