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Awesome Conversation With A Friend


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this is the last half of a conversation i had on facebook with my friend after we had a discussion about a conflict on. It really articulated what's wrong with christianity, and religion in general


Friend: "And it is that quality that makes u better than me. Being able to be tactful when being blunt. u are truly worthy of great respect especially among our peers."

Me: "i wouldn't say that, i'm not always so eloquent, but it just kind of came at that point, according to some i'm going to hell because i'm not a christian, and sometimes i wonder if they're right. However there's nothing saying an atheist or agnostic has to be amoral or rude despite what so many people believe about them...."

Friend: "They can say what they want. All my life i've been told as long as u believe in jesus christ and accept him into ur heart as lord and savior, regardlessof going to church or not and following a preachers preachings or not u are saved from hell"

Me: "well i dont' accept him jamie, that's the thing, i don't believe it's right someone has to believe in jesus to not be tortured, it's not true love to me, true love is acceptance, not condemnation....I just am through seeking the acceptance of god or anyone else. True love doesn't come from god it comes from us, whether there's a god or not doesn't really matter to me anymore. I can't accept or love a god that doesn't love or accept me. I was a christian for 18 years man, i was in a strict religion, i was in a "love/relationship with jesus" religion. The one thing that remained consistent was that you had to force yourself to mold to something you were not. You had to conform to a belief system or you weren't ok. Even if you were told god accepted you you weren't really accepted, you were burdened with expectations of what you should strive to be. You were expected to be something else. You were scared with the rapture or end times.

I stopped believing because of other things, many other things, but i must say i never felt better than when i thought it was all legitimately bull shit. I'm not saying i know it is, no one can know. i can't know anything like that. So i'm not going to let my life be governed by something that "might be". At the very least i won't accept an ultimatum, that is, believe and be a christian, or else burn in hell. Accept slavery to an ideal, death of individuality. Love me or burn, does that sound like any loving parent you've ever heard of?


Again man this is all just my opinion, but i'm tired of people trying to convince me i'm wrong. For the most part i leave others alone, i just want the same courtesy, but for some reason so many christians feel like they're right and have no problems trouncing on other's beliefs, and call it "witnessing" or "righteous" but when someone does it to them they call foul"


Friend: "You hit that right on the head. Thank you for finally helping me put in words why i hate church. I hate christian music. Why i hate religion. And the thing is i have for a while. Not just because of all that but because also it killed a relationship i had with a girl i truly loved. Church got between me and her one too many times"


Me: "i've never seen religion do anything but divide people and make people uncomfortable to be who they are. People don't see it the same way, but i do now, again. They don't see it because they refuse to see it. When something bad happens it's "your fault", it's not the religion, the church, it's you. You need to try harder, or it's a "trial" of your faith. Well i don't know any parent who would just sit you there with a book and expect you to believe and love them when they weren't even physically, or audibly there. We're trained to see "signs of god" in everything, even minuscule events are "god answering prayers" but when things go wrong it's just god's will, or it's god's will or "god works in mysterious ways" Well i'm sick and fucking tired of defending something that doesn't deserve defending or do anything but make me miserable. When i was in the church, in that mind set, i saw everything in the "jesus is the answer" light. i believed everyone who didn't have god had a "void" in their heart. It's bullshit, i've been on the other side and it's bull shit. The only void that is there is the one they put in your head through suggestion or the loss of a support structure (the church). What they don't tell you is others aren't void (true many people who don't have meaning or a goal in life feel like something is missing, or they're in such a crap heap that they see that their lives suck and believe christians when they say that it's because they need jesus. It's fucking bull shit.

Did you see that status about me wanting to "flip that guy off every time i see that commercial"? It was a church commerical talking about how people that aren't christians have "voids in their hearts" I just want to smack his smug face cuz i know he's preying on the vulnerability of people in they're lowest points, and they have nothing else so they accept it, they don't know another way"


Friend: "Exactly. Religion controls and divides. And kills relationships. That's it. That's all it does."


Me: "sorry for the long rant, i have very strong feelings and beliefs about it...ha ha even though sometimes people make me doubt myself cuz i listen to their crazy ass scare tactics..."


Friend: "No problem i believe the same as you do."

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Fallout you sound just like me and probably every other christian who has had enough for all the same reasons. What you are doing is refusing to accept the lie that it is all "you". I think you have a great handle on reality. You should be proud of yourself for your insight, honesty and refusal to accept bullshit :) You sure as hell have my respect fella.

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Great job Falloutdude!

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I want to print out this entire conversation...and post it all over my room. This was an excellent read and basically described EVERY reason why I left Christianity and why I don't talk to people about it. You're lucky to have a friend like this!


We need more post with chats between friends who discuss things like this. It makes for interesting reads and makes us realize that some of us have dealt with the same shit before. ;)

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