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Fun With Fundies On Chat Boards


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For years I have wasted precious energy and emotion arguing with religous and political conservatives on some ofm the news chat boards I frequent. My local NBC outlet has one with provision for comments tom be made on local stories, you don't have to register your sign in and in fact can change it and post again if you want to. The guy who is in charge of it is apparently some fundie tea bagger. Anything about Obama usually draws a lot of name calling nasty comments. Post something in rebuttal and you get jumped all over and get comments assuming you're on welfare and a 'Socialist.'. You get the picture; if you try to rebut, he doesnt post your comment.

Anyway this past weekend there was a thread about the local flooding and Obama maybe visiting the area. The usual morons were posting about 'Nobama' . I commented in his defense and was told I should move to North Korea, etc. My rebuttals as usual were not posted.

My 15 year old son came up with the idea of appearing to agree with them, but doing so in a way that makes them look silly. I started out with a post saying Obama was a tool of the Illuminati and gave a tongue in cheek description of what that Godless group is doing to the world. I then posted as 'Church Lady' and said the floods were God's judgment and suggested people kneel in the flood waters and consecrate themselves to God. Both got posted. After awhile, the others seemed to maybe realize how silly they sounded or something and the discussion petered out.

This opens up a whole new vista. I can go on Xtian chat boards and pretend to agree with them and at the same time expose their lunacy. You don't want to say anything inflammatory of course, just enough off center to bring disrepute.

Probably I need a life..

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