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Thou Shalt Have No Other Dogs Before Me

R. S. Martin

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So I headed out for one more walk with my dog before a late bedtime. At the Tim Hortons coffee shop someone had tied up a dog while they had gone inside, which is common. As is also common, my dog--a six-year-old terrier cross that I got a year ago from the Humane Society--kicked up a fuss. I'm trying to teach her to tolerate other dogs but she's not quite there yet. It being late at night I tried to keep the noise level low and I thought I'd succeeded.


When I was past the place but still within hearing distance, I heard a female voice talking to the dog outside Tim Hortons. "Sit," the woman commanded, as though she thought it had been her dog who had caused the commotion.


I wanted to tell her, "Your dog did nothing wrong other than to exist." But I was too far away so I let it go. However, my mind started playing with that sentence. It spelled dog backwards and capitalized the "g." And started asking forbidden questions:


Is that--exist--all the other gods ever did wrong, I wondered. Baal, Zeus, Mother Nature, and the thousands of others. Thou shalt have no other gods before me...The god who issued that command killed for the existence of other gods among his people, just like my dog will--if allowed--attack and possibly kill other dogs within its presumed territory.


I keep my dog on a leash and tightly reined when near another dog because I don't buy into its dog-headed philosophy. What this dog needs is more socializing. She's come a very long way in the year and a half that I've had her but she's still got a ways to go.


But who's going to put God on a leash? And who will socialize him? Or his followers, considering that we as exChristians hardly subscribe to the Judeo-Christian God. His followers live as though he existed and were very much alive and all-powerful, licensed to kill anyone who incenses his displeasure.

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Folk are evolving beyond the dogma :grin: of god beliefs.


We all know evilooshun takes time so I suppose we have to accept that gods are not going to die anytime soon.


In the series Supernatural (if you have seen it) there was an episode where a ghost was given powers by the mere fact people believed it to be true. This IMO had a notion of truth in that gods created in mans image are wholly dependent on the belief of mankind on them. The Clash of the Titans movie had a similar vein but dealt with the greco/roman gods not THE GAWD.


It is ironic that the xians dismiss Zeus and the likes of demigods where their own jeebus is a demigod of sorts. The angels mating with the daughters of men another folklore tale embellished aka nephilim.


It is only when you start reading up on these myths, we can see similarities.

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