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Are Evangelicals And Conservative Christians The Anti-christ?

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Are Evangelicals and conservative Christians the Anti-Christ?


In the tribal conditions of the ancient world, it is not surprising that Christians would be hated.


Revelation shows the destruction of all except God’s chosen. Evangelicals and literalists, pray for this genocidal destruction to happen in their lifetimes. That is a lot of hate coming from those who profess to love all of mankind. Some would say that these so called Christians, are not of good heart and do not follow their own religion, bible or a loving Christ.


Romans 12:21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.


Some would in fact say that these Christians are traitors to the society they hate.


In the old tribal days, and even today, those who do not believe as Evangelicals, literalists and conservative Christians do, would see these as traitors and haters and would get their backs up, as most humans being would automatically do, and hate these Christian traitors right back. It is no wonder then, and some ancients would say quite fittingly, that these traitors should be fed to the lions. Hate being returned for the hate that these Christians show to society.


It is not too surprising then to see why Christians were persecuted in the old days. They deserved it as far as the other tribes were concerned as they were showing hate for all others in wishing and praying for their death in this life as well as everlasting torture for eternity in the next.


What a game for your God to play if such were true!

Create a place for eternal bliss as well as a place for eternal suffering.

Then create beings whom he loves dearly and watches over.

And in the end, decide which to consider "trash" and "throw away" into the place for eternal suffering and which to cling to and love in the place for eternal bliss.

Even man, with all his faults, is greater and more responsible.


Evangelicals and followers of Jesus should thank God that they live in a world that has lost some of it’s tribal ways, not themselves of course, and society allow these who hate them so much, to remain untouched in today’s environment.


These Evangelicals and literalist believers think themselves as followers of Christ yet Christ was of love while they are of hate. They are anti their own bible as shown with Rom 12;21. If the bible is the word of God as they believe it is, then they are anti-bible and therefore, biblically speaking, Anti-Christ. They definitely are not cut from the same cloth that Jesus was.


Are these Evangelicals and literalist believers the Anti-Christ of scripture?


Is the term traitors to humanity a fitting label for these misguided Christians?




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This all assumes there was a right way to believe to start off with.


Why wrestle so much with them. As a deist you should be more at peace within yourself.


Are you not simply trying to hold onto the last vestiges of your faith? This is the hardest part of the transition, leaving it all behind. You already rationalize as most of us do.


All of us were hurt or disappointed one way or the other, you do not stand alone.


And yes I do agree the evangelicals are pretty much fucked up but I was once one of them. It is the system and the mass delusion they try so hard to hold onto. The mindfuck is strong with these folk.

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