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If... Then...


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lol I was trying to think of a spit for my roomate and for the hell of it wrote a twisted sonnet.



If... Then...


I know you'll never dare to fuck with me.

There are several things I think you know.

I don't mind making motherfuckers bleed.

I'm colder than ice; I'm colder than snow.

If you dare challenge my authority,

If you think you're going to take me on,

your healthy days will be minority,

and your end will be more closely drawn.

So think twice, nah, think even one more time.

because two thoughts are not nearly enough.

fuck with me, and I will commit a crime

and your day will get very fucking rough.

I am more turbulent than war's fray.

I am he who divides the night from day.





:lmao: A shit talking Shakespeare.

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