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Intelligent Design


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Intelligent Design


It's true:

Tyrannosaurus Rex grazed in the garden of Eden

Between the lambs and the lions

Nipping up each delicate bite of unthorned green

Among broad golden paws and woolly spindle-legs that smelled of red


Never ruffling a single mammalian hair.

Tearing dagger-teeth went untried:

Speckled with grass-stains, and above

Mad killer's eyes glazed with bovine contentment.


It napped in flowered glades

While Adam and Eve wove daisy chains for its massive wattled neck

(Each one took days to complete)

And it was always careful where it stepped:

Ground-shaking minces, head down, always watching,

That not so much as a snail should be crushed.


When humans were cast from the Garden

It trailed after them like a loyal dog

Great snuffly tears dripping from the end of its snaggled snout.

Centuries later, the helpful beast

Bit Lebanese cedars in two at the root

For Noah's boating-timber;

It went with its mate into that bottomless vessel

And when the waters receded

Unloaded live cargo onto Ararat

With ginger jaws.


It was a loyal beast of the Lord

And when it saw humans needed more space,

Obligingly died to make room.

And that is all.

These scientists know nothing:

All their patient explanation of fossil records, carbon dating and the

dental configuration of predators

Is just showing off cleverness that isn't.

I know what I know.

My pastor told me and he's smarter than them.

We're--I mean God's--in charge.

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My biggest problem

With Intelligent Design

Is that it isn't

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My biggest problem

With Intelligent Design

Is that it isn't



"A" for Effort?


"well, it tries"

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