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Ffs Wake Up America


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Been reading the 2012 thread and I am really taken aback with the sick level of fear indoctrination still taking place in the US.


He mentioned the threat of nuclear war and I have also been discussing stuff with another woo on another forum and detected a huge apathy to everything going on and his fears of a NWO mark of the beast and all the end time shit associated.


I told him about the footage I had seen of the kids in the 50's and 60's carrying out nuclear drills, hiding under desks or crouching at the base of a wall with some false hope of surviving a nuke blast. I told him I was at jr school in the 60's and we only were exposed to fire drills.


It is such a waste of young minds to have them still locked in this feeble mindset of fear and when you guys were almost evolved out of all this, you had 9-11 and that brought out all the fucking crazies again. I really wonder if you folk all live in abject fear and misery and how much of this mindfuck was or is used on folk.


The chances of Nuke war was eliminated when MAD became the deterrent. Yet the fear is still propagated. Maybe this is why I am a bit different as we were never bombarded with this and do not recall anything from my school days.


My dad took me to see a movie On the Beach when I was very young and it did upset me quite a bit. He tried to explain that it probably never would happen and this was just a result that may happen if there was a nuke war. He did however try and use it to convert me but did not pursue it much. I managed to become Wooish all on my own later in life.


The media and entertainment also pander to this fear and still makes for good conspiracy scripts. The problem is that with all this indoctrination, it would appear US folk take this fiction as really plausible.


Are you (some) folk fucking stupid?


Really I have to ask b/c the end of daze shit only seems to be a USA phenomenon. Sure when you are a kid you are impressionable but do folk never grow up and start thinking for themselves? Has your education been so dumbed down so much that a youngster of 15 now has the same fears as those 30-40 years ago? Do people not get suspicious of all the doom prophets crying wolf and see that FUCK ALL happens?


It would appear that xianity has done more damage in the US than anywhere else in the world. It also appears that for a nation so tech advanced you sure are gullible.


Why do the USA still need nukes? Who the fuck are you scared of still? China?


I have always been a pacifist and when I was conscripted into the army at 18, they turned me into a trained killer in 6 weeks. Luckily I saw no action and my two war stories are two accidental discharges that thankfully killed no one.


Seems also with some folk there remains a strong need to own guns - why? I have had one for 20 odd years and never once needed it and I probably live in a culture more prone to violence than the average US citizen. I have not carried it anywhere in the last 16 years.


I look at your houses on movies and the open styled yards and ask myself, if you are so scared, why do you not also have 6 ft palisade fencing and Spanish styled burglar proofing and steel security gates and electric fencing like we do in most towns?


Click this link and see how houses here look like on average. We jail ourselves and on top of this most have alarm systems with armed response (private cops)


Look Here at electric fencing, Armed response


If anything, we should come over with more paranoia than what I read of in the US


Suburban America vs Suburban South Africa


Are we all just duped in;




Or am I misreading something?

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Short answer Living is fear is delicious. It doesn't help that Politicians and news outlets love to tap into this fear.




That's just one example that is not the end of the world.


There are still many people in the US that seek fame. So they will pursue it in anyway that they can. A Dr wrote a paper that was completely wrong. This was latched on to my Jenny Mccarthy who started to advocate for NOT immunizing your childern because of the increased risk of autism from the bogus paper.


People believed her. So now children are dying because of faulty research and a stupid actress.


Reality is when people are made afraid they will agree to/beleive anything.

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I think you have a slightly distorted view of day-to-day life for most people in the U.S. Don't get me wrong, it is understandable that you have this view because of news coverage and that sort of thing. But day-to-day life is far different.


Where I live (southern U.S.), people are not unduly fearful and fear does not rule their lives.


Take Christianity, for example. In the Southern U.S., there are generally churches everywhere and many people attend those churches, though many never walk into a church except for holidays like Christmas and Easter. Fundies, I mean true fundies, are rare and when the average Christian meets one they roll their eyes and tend to avoid that person. The average Christian who attends church, knows very little about the Bible and the only time they even open their bible is when the pastor preaches a sermon. In fact, most of the time when a Pastor asks the congregation to turn to a specific Book, Chapter, and Verse, the pastor has to give them instructions on how to find the passage. If it is Revelation, for example, the pastor might say something like, "Please turn to thirteenth chapter of Revelation. Revelation is the last book in your Bible."


Most Christians, the vast majority of them in my area, are what I would call cultural Christians. They go to church for a variety of reasons, and probably the main reason is for social reasons. They get to meet people and when they talk to others, they have church attendance in common.


But these Christians are well known for not letting the teachings of the Bible interfere with their lives. Many of them have premarital sex, get pregnant out of wedlock, have extramarital affairs, get divorced for reasons other than adultery, and remarry, all at the same rate (maybe even higher) than those who never attend church. Most Christians who attend church do not tithe (10% of income) though they may give a little because they get to deduct their church giving from their income taxes.


The issue of end-times events do not cross the minds of the vast majority of Christians where I live. They only have a vague understanding of the issues and may say something like, "It looks like Jesus could return any day now." But that has virtually no impact on their lives.


As for fear of nuclear war. The vast majority of people (whether Christians or not) do not dwell on this issue at all. They know it is a possibility, but recognize that since the Soviet Union collapsed, the chances of nuclear war has been greatly reduced. If anything, they do recognize that it is at least possible that some terrorist could get their hands on some sort of nuclear weapon and detonate it somewhere in the U.S., but, again, people do not dwell on this possibility. They go about their lives in a normal fashion.


I was in grade school during the Cuban missile crisis. We had those nuclear drills you mentioned. But I can tell you from experience, that us kids took it in a very non-chalant fashion. After the drills, we went out onto the playground during recess and played kickball, baseball, tag and all the rest. We never discussed it among ourselves because, to us kids, it was no big deal.


As for owning guns and fear. Yes, among those who own guns, self-defense is an issue. but that is not an overriding fear driven thing. Here in the southern U.S., gun ownership is a cultural thing. A lot of people hunt and many people love to take their guns to the shooting range for the fun of shooting. It is a very cool thing to fire three rounds from your rifle at a target 100 yards away and have those bullets impact the target all within an inch of each other. That kind of shooting requires great concentration and proper shooting techniques. None of that has anything to do with fear. It is true that we (at least many of us) don't want the government, at whatever level, telling us law abiding citizens what to do and reject the notion that various control initiatives does anything to reduce crime, since the only ones the laws are designed for anyway are law abiding citizens since the criminal thugs will not obey the law anyway. There are also gun collectors and they do not collect out of fear, but out of a love for history and the beautiful works of engineering art that many firearms are.


In short, the average person in the area where I live does not live in fear.


There are people who register on ExC who do experience fear. I respect those people and, along with many others on here, try in some fashion to help them get over their fears.

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I was in grade school during the Cuban missile crisis. We had those nuclear drills you mentioned. But I can tell you from experience, that us kids took it in a very non-chalant fashion. After the drills, we went out onto the playground during recess and played kickball, baseball, tag and all the rest. We never discussed it among ourselves because, to us kids, it was no big deal


I was about 10 years behind you, but that's pretty much my experience as well. They had us duck under the desks, but I don't recall ever being frightened by the drills any more than I was frightened by fire drills. I do remember a lot of generalized paranoia about the Soviet Union and even after the Berlin wall was knocked down, staunch conservatives thought it was all a trick.


The reality on the ground, however, is that fear tactics do have an impact on the vote -- I believe that's just a reality -- but the average US citizen is pretty ambivalent to many of the tactics and even those that hit the political sweet spot, do not consume the lives of the average American. Those consumed, are, as you pointed out, marginalized in day to day life.

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Thanks for the replies but maybe it is woos that proliferate the forums and not marginal xians.


I have no issue with guns so long as they are licensed and possibly new users properly trained in gun safety.


It really is sad to see folk so fearful and I am talking people 30+ yo. By that age folk should have learned to think for themselves.

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Could you please define "woo?"

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Could you please define "woo?"


Like a ghost "woooooo! wooooo!"

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A woo is a name we give to fundies and folk that are abducted by aliens and basically anyone that comes across like a tard.


Most of the time I mean xian fundies. The are the new chosen peepol, they are wooish

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