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Historic School Closing Doors in Warren


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Serves'em right. The cost of tuition in Catholic schools usually jumps anywhere form 100 to 200 dollars a year, per student. It was bound to bite them in the ass sooner or later.


Oh, and the only reason I posted this, is because this is from my home town. I heard about this on the way in to work. :HaHa:



Historic School Closing Doors in Warren


A historic local Catholic school in Warren will soon be closing its doors.


And even though the church is sad to see it go, officials say they are already looking toward the future.


“It has been here a long time and has a rich history as a high school and a middle school - and it is kind of sad to see that change,” said principal Kathleen Victor.


The Queen of Peace campus of Notre Dame School, know to many as Saint Mary's, has been a teaching ground for children since the 1920's. But at the end of the year, the school will be shutting down.


“Being that it is an old building everything is more expensive to repair and to replace. It's the most expensive building of the three to operate,” said Superintendent Michael Skube.


The seventh and eighth grade students will now go to JFK high school. And the younger students to other elementary schools. School officials say the consolidation is part of a bigger plan and includes a million dollar expansion.


“It's not really the buildings that we are focused on but continuing to give quality Catholic education to people in our area especially parents and students,” said Skube.


And even though enrolment continues to drop, state test scores remain high and so does their opinion of the future.


“Ninety-five percent of our kids go on to four year university. You can look at the scholarships they receive at Ursuline Mooney and JFK--we produce excellent students,” said Wally Dunne with the Catholic Diocese of Youngstown.


The building itself is owned by Saint Mary's Parish and they have decided to try to sell it.

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