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She Thought I Was The Jehovah's Witness


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So I was on my route today, and in the neighborhood where I was delivering, the Jehovah's Witnesses were also there walking up and down the streets doing what they do. I have a parcel that needs a signature, so I get out of the truck, walk up the driveway and ring the doorbell. I wait for like 20 seconds and then knock loudly. After a few more seconds, a woman peeks through the curtains and opens the door.


"I thought you were gonna be the goddamned jehovah's witnesses. I saw them around here this morning.".


I smile and say, "No ma'am, but after you sign for this, we can talk about jesus. What's on your heart sister?".


She laughs and we chit chat for a bit about how annoying we think they are. Then I turn around to walk back to the truck and a clean cut JW wearing a shirt, tie, and contrived smile, about 21 years old, is striding up to her door. I don't think he heard us talking. I turn around and give the lady an eye roll, and she gives me one back. Then she slams the door pretty much in his face.


I say to the kid, "I don't think she wants to talk to you.".


He says, "Hello sir. Sure is a hot day isn't it?" Stupid smile never left his face.


It was like he was a computer, programmed to make only certain remarks without regard to what the person he was talking to had to say. He went up and knocked on her door anyway. :shrug:

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