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Milestones Of The Ot And The Christian Faith


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Let us break down some milestones in the bible using simple reasoning skills.


Creation of man.


We have the creation event and certain things like Abel getting his skull bashed in. We have hordes of fossils yet we have no fossil of a guy with a bashed in skull (as the legend goes) coming from a garden of Eden. Taking that the bible is based off texts no older than 4500 years old, It happened in the ME, where the A&E fossils?


The Flood


Based on the bible, there was a ww flood and suggests all animals made it onto the boat for a period of a year. That is physically impossible. Plus the pyramids were under construction when it was alleged to have happened.


The rainbow was not a covenant from god as we all now know what causes light refraction. Light refraction has always been. Possibly no one questioned it as they may not be as frequent in the ME as other places where thunderstorms are more prevalent (rainbows in Cairo)




The Exodus


It never happened. No records of Hebrew slaves by the Egyptians or a drowned Pharaoh.


Now if exodus never happened, then where did Moses and all the commandments come from?


There does not seem to be any evidence of any 40 year trek through the desert from Egypt to Israel. The map shows a 600km as the crow flies distance between Cairo and Jerusalem and that is not a big problem to determine a favorable route via oasis and watering holes yet there is nothing to suggest what the bible does of millions of folk moving out to the East. It is also very plausible that there was anyway normal human traffic in those days.


These three key factors that cannot be backed up by any archeological digs or finds suggest that they never happened.


The entire xian doctrine is based on and includes this as paramount milestones. Now if they never happened as claimed, how do you even take a leap of faith that they did? To do that you have to ignore the lack of evidence.


We have a questionable shroud of Turin and nothing of the other key events.


The Ark of the covenant just disappeared never to be seen again when the bible claims it had supernatural powers and would kill those that dared touch it if they were not Levite Priests. How ever did they get it out of the Temple when it was destroyed?


It then becomes self evident that the OT of the bible is embellished folklore at best.


With those out of the way, you are left with the claims of the NT and those have been thoroughly discounted as man-made, fiddled and in some cases outright lies.


The Jesus story parallels many earlier pagan man-god concepts and seeing the folk responsible for your canon were the custodians of the ancient pagan gods, it is hard not to put two and two together to see how this man-made religion came about.


You are not going to find any clues to this in your pastor's office or in the bible. You have to explore outside your comfort zone.


You were taught the bible is inerrant yet it is not.


Is it reasonable to expect;


  1. 6000 yo fossils representing humans that lived to 900 years of age?
  2. Any physical evidence of a ww flood contrary to what we really know?
  3. Archeological evidence of a mass exodus as claimed?
  4. The ark of the covenant and specifically the two stone tablets.

Us "heathen" scientists would love to examine these artifacts to determine with our "evil" scientific instruments and methods to;

  1. Date the fossils and see wear and tear signs like arthritis osteoporosis etc.
  2. Doubt there will be any flood evidence
  3. Same as for 1
  4. Determine the age of etchings in stone as we already know the 2nd set Moses carved out himself. But then again, Mount Sinai is not that big and we should find the fragments of the smashed 1.0 edition?

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