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I first saw this movie when it came out in 1984. I was thirteen. I've seen parts of it over the years, but this was the first time I sat down and purposely rewatched it from beginning to end. I was struck by the fact that the first time I saw this movie, I was younger than all of the main characters in the movie, including the teenagers. Now, I'm older than all of the main characters, including the parents. I'm happy to report that unlike some movies, this one has aged really well. It is still a powerfully feel good movie about teenagers growing up and struggling against overprotective parents. It's particularly touching for me because of what I went through as a Christian.



It is one of those rare movies in which the title song expresses the heart of the movie really well. I remember hearing that song over and over during my teen years.


You're playing so cool

Obeying every rule

Dig way down in your heart

You're yearning, burning for some

Somebody to tell you

That life ain't passing you by

I'm trying to tell you

It will if you don't even try

You can fly if you'd only cut

Loose, footloose

Kick off your Sunday shoes

Those lines would stand out to my ears every time. I would sing the song with real feeling, and though I yearned for someone to tell me life wasn't passing me by, I knew it was. Now, I sing it knowing that life is no longer passing me by, knowing that I took the risk of getting out of the church, reaching for a life that wouldn't make me feel suicidal, and succeeding.


It's a really touching movie if you haven't seen it or if you haven't seen it in awhile. I like to tell myself that if we did a story about the pastor and his wife, Ren's rebellion ultimately leads them to question their beliefs and leave Christianity altogether, but then, I'm very prone to fantasy and I'm a writer.


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I always liked that movie too. I was around 30 when it came out and saw it with my kids who were about 5. We watched it several times over the years. I watched it again not too long ago and I kept thinking how unfortunate it is that in real life, instead of preachers being transformed into a less uptight version, they have regressed. Fundybot christinsanity has wormed its way deep into our society and the preachers and their rules/laws are EVERYWHERE (I'm thinking of our fellow Virginians -- Robertson, Falwell, Farris and their ilk all over the country.)


The lyrics you quoted are great. I always liked Dancing in the Sheets too.... GONZ9729CustomImage1539775.gif


Now let me go find that soundtrack.............it's around here somewhere.

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Just found out there's a remake coming out in October.




I knew about that. It's what got me in the mood to watch the original. And I resented the idea of a remake at first, but considering what you posted about the situation with fundies right now, it might actually be good timing.




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Alrighty then - I just watched the trailer, and it looks pretty good. Definitely raunchier. ;)



Edited to add - the guy starring in it was born the year the first one came out. I feel soooo old now! lmao_99.gif

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