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The Battles To Come


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The Christian community that has dominated America since its independence has long took advantage by imposing itself on the people. That can be seen by the fact that this religion has pretty much controlled politics, found its way on our money, and forced itself in many schools, etc. Meanwhile ignoring other people’s constitutional rights and disagreements.


The reason they get away with this is simple, they outvote any other sect, and have many in office pushing their agenda. However, it is because of the ignorance of the people that this religion has been successful. Many Americans then and still today know virtually nothing of the issues within their religion.


As a result, "the preaching and politics of Christianity” has florished.


But now, with the internet and other sources many Americans are starting to recognize the issues with Christianity, and even leaving the church. Like never before people are fighting back, with their education, and thankfully the first amendment.


From schools to politics Christians are desperately trying to keep control, but history has shown that religions come and go, and that will undoubtedly be the same for this one.


But unfortunately it isn’t happening fast enough ,and there are still yet great battles to happen. For that reason, it is up to us ex-Christians (etc) to educate ourselves. Therefore I have decided to write this and provide what ever information that may help educate people.


Under are sites that I have gathered over the years concerning all types of issue in apologetics, bible contradictions, etc. This is not a comprehensive gathering of all the issues, but it is enough to rattle any Christians faith. I picked out sites with comentary in mind.The purpose of this post is to offer fire power to any person combating Christianity ( and perhaps material for anyone leaving their faith).



If you have any good sites that you would like to contribute, please post them.


Bible contradictions


Fraud/forgery and other issues with the bible.


False prophecy in the bible and other issues.


information on apologetics and counter-apologetics.


Contradictions in Gospel Accounts of Jesus' Crucifixion


Bible atrocities and commentary.


Evil bible.com A look at rape, murder, slavery, and evil quotes in the bible


Parallels between Christianity and ancient Pagan religions



Recommended site:

The Atheist experience. I highly recommend watching their videos, they helped me tremendously.



Useful sites to look up verses and words in the bible:

Bible concordance.


Passage look up.


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My biggest fear is that economic woes will spur a knee-jerk that puts a evangelical social neanderthal in office that will negate and maybe reverse any gains humanists have made in recent years. I hope I'm wrong.

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Good one:



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