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Gifts Of The Spirit


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Margee recently posted the following biblical "gifts of the Spirit" on another thread:


According to the bible, there are 9 ‘gifts’ of the holy spirit.


  • The Word of Knowledge
  • The Word of Wisdom
  • The Gift of Prophecy
  • The Gift of Faith
  • The Gifts of Healing
  • The Working of Miracles
  • The Discerning of Spirits
  • Different Kinds of Tongues
  • The Interpretation of Tongues

It just got me thinking about how ironic it is that this is yet another example of how Christians ignore some parts of the Bible while emphasizing others. How many of you have ever know anyone who had any of these "gifts"? Of course, knowledge and wisdom are fairly common, although I wouldn't call those supernatural in any way. And also lots of people have the "gift" of faith (although many on this forum would probably call it more of a "curse".) Anyway, back when I was a hard-core Christian, I never knew anyone who could actually do any of those other things. Do any Christians know anyone who can accurately prophecy coming events? I've never known anyone who can miraculously heal someone else, although I once had a cold and I prayed that it would go away quickly, and, lo, it actually did, so maybe I do have that gift. I certainly never saw anyone work a miracle. Perhaps I've had friends who were good at discerning spirits, but of the type you buy at a liquor store. Lastly, as a good Southern Baptist I knew that the speaking and interpretation of tongues was left for those crazy Pentecostals, so we didn't believe in those. (As a side note, I do find it ironic that Baptists always mocked people who spoke in tongues, even though it was clearly promoted in the New Testament.)


Anyway, it's just another one of the many things I never really thought about when I was a devout believer. If the Holy Spirit gives people these 9 gifts, how come I've only ever known people who had the three (knowledge, wisdom, and faith) that come by natural means? Interesting...

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Well of course it depends on your interpretation of things, and now I do not believe in the HS so I do not believe in the gifts of the HS, but as a christian I most definitely knew lots of christians who had these gifts - I went to charismatic and pentecostal churches!


I and many others spoke in tongues and some people could interpret them - of course there was no way of knowing if the 'interpretation' was 'correct'.

There were quite a few people who had words of knowledge/wisdom and the gift of prophecy - but they generally got mixed up by people and it wasn't always clear what counted as which. The 'words' that people shared were often so non-specific that they could have been applied to numerous people in the room, but I and others generally saw them as true.


I was one who often had gifts of knowledge/wisdom for people and apparently I was able to 'discern' spirits - I now realise that I had basically taught myself cold reading without knowing it, and also as the child of an alcoholic I am instinctively very hyper-vigilant which means I am aware of body language, moods and atmosphere, often sensing things about someone that others wouldn't notice so quickly or without knowing them - all of which can be attributed to discernment and of course 'words of knowledge'.


I did see 'healing' but only a few times and mostly very easy to fake things. There was a lot of hearsay and anecdote flying around though.


The only 'miracle' I saw was quite odd. There was a man at a conference that I went to who had 'annointed' hands, one of his hands constantly had oil dripping from it, scented oil, sort of like roses and some other fragrance - maybe lavender or camomile. Anyway, he wore short sleeves and had no obvious thing hidden that could have been putting oil on his hands but it just constantly had a sheen of oil that would drip slowly and consistently. Apparently when he prayed for people they would be filled with the HS and receive healing etc.


I was dubious at the time, it seemed odd, but I have to say that he seemed very genuine - he certainly didn't attract attention or flaunt it. I wonder if he had some rare condition.......

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A few years ago, our SS class did a study on gifts of the Spirit. We took some test to see which ones we had. I had the gift of knowledge. Then I got more knowledge (read the Bible through in a year) and eventually left. GONZ9729CustomImage1539775.gif

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The Pentecostals, charismatics and Assemblies of God type churches believe in those gifts - and it is a matter of interpretation or just particular sectarian whimsy what those gifts are.


Many denominations and "schools of thought" believe those gifts just disappeared once the books of the Bible were assembled. John MacArthur was the one preacher I listened to way back in the 80's and 90's who believed this. He based it on the greek text of 1 Cor. 13. He even claimed by the time of Johnn Chrysostom in the fourth century, that people had noted that they did not know what that list of gifts was referring to.


Still others think you can take an objective test much like the Myers-briggs or some other psychological inventory to determine what particular gift you have. That approach really stinks of pseudoscience.


It's all just a tactic to make people feel special and feel part of the greater cosmic Christ.

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Wondering, I had all the gifts except faith!!:twitch:God forgot to give me faith!!! :scratch: I was one of those crazy Pentecostals who could (ans still) speak in tongues and interpret them. I did a lot of study on glossolalia and you can basically teach anyone to do it if they are open. The interpretation was always something that I studied that morning or I felt the church needed to hear. They also thought I had the gift of healing. I would touch people and say; ''Be well in jesus name' and they were!! (for a very short time, then they would go back into their depression or whatever it was I was trying to heal.)


I was so powerful in the church - too bad I left.........................:lmao:

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When I was a devout Christian, I was convinced that I had the gift of prophecy, word of knowledge, and the gift of healing. I prayed for one of my cousins over the phone who told me about some back pain that impaired his ability to stand on his feet for a long time; he called me a week later to tell me that he was healed. We praised God together. My cousin told me he received healing from God after I prayed for him. Upon hearing that my prayer healed someone, I felt spiritually superior to other Christians. In fact, I began to pray with more authority because I felt that I was chosen by God. I was so deluded.

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I could speak in tongues before I was a Christian. I had never even heard of such a thing...

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