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Reasonable Doubts Podcast: rd93 No Atheists Allowed


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While on tour promoting his new book "The Magic of Reality" Richard Dawkins found himself banned from a book signing at a Detroit area country club after the owner learned that Dawkins was an atheist. Dawkins called the last-minute cancelation of the event an act of "sheer bigotry" but some insist that a privately owned business has the right to refuse service to atheists. Jennifer Beahan, the assistant director for the Center For Inquiry Michigan, joins us on the show to explain how the law does not allow discrimination against the non-religious and why CFIMI will be filing a lawsuit against the club. Meanwhile the American Cancer Society has also banned the atheist charity Foundation Beyond Belief from joining their "Relay for Life" even though the foundation was planning to raise over half a million dollars for the event. Also on this episode: Richard Dawkins explains why he will not debate apologist William Lane Craig; The connection between intuitive thinking styles and religious belief is explored on this weeks "God Thinks Like You" segment and we examine the "Outsider Test for Faith" proposed by John Loftus in The Christian Delusion.yt8w8a0Fc5s


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