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Religion As The Rebel Flag


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Recently I’ve had a dialogue with and been taken to task by my believer sister in law for some things I’ve posted on Facebook. In all honesty, some of them were juvenile and not at all intended for a Christian audience (comment on my disdain for the ticker shall have to wait for another day). Anyway, some of her comments she spouted in a heated and emotional rage were what many of us have heard at one point or another, “why can’t you leave me, my family and my religion alone? We’re not like those crazy Christians from WBC. I believe in evolution and I don’t believe everything in the bible. Why do you have to hate on religion?”

I’ve spent quite some time reflecting on this dilemma. I am well acquainted with the DarkMatter2525 video on the subject. I’ve got an internal struggle about whether I simply want to be a non-theist or take the plunge and be an anti-theist. I know a lot of Christians that aren’t pushy about their religion. They don’t prostheltize in any forum. In every possible sense they keep their religion to themselves. What exactly is it I hate about religion? I could most easily sum it up that I think it’s silly to believe things without evidence. I could probably also come up with 100 other reasons as well. But the most poignant one, the reason that I deep down wish religion would go away forever, is because I liken it to the rebel flag. For those of you not intimately familiar with American history, the rebel flag was the flag flown by Confederate South during our Civil War. The Civil War which was fought over - and ultimately ended - slavery in America. Revisionists will fight tooth and nail to deceive you into thinking the Civil War was fought over so called “States Rights”. Don’t be fooled. The Civil War was fought over slavery, period. The rebel flag is a sad and enduring symbol of racism in United States. Again, some want you to believe that when they fly it today it doesn’t carry a message of slavery, racism, or bigotry, but rather the concept of States Rights and limited federal government. Even if someone can tell you that with a straight face and mean it, their message is lost because of the baggage that comes with the history. Any positive message one may try to derive from the flag is doomed to be overshadowed by the negative history that comes with it. Religion to me is the rebel flag. I don’t feel it has any remaining endearment. It will always carry the original baggage, and any attempt to re-brand it from what it once was is doomed to be less than genuine. You simply cannot continue to fly that flag without supporting the negative history that comes with it.


Thanks for reading.

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