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My fundie sister told me they are looking at these "Truth Project" DVDs in youth group and are inviting non-christians as well, since it is supposed to be convincing.


I could not find any complete lectures just some trailers and short videos.


Have you heard about this? Are there any new creationist arguments in it? Do anyone have a link to the "science" part? I may want to debate these topics, and it is better to be prepared, because at first I can only go WTF when I hear such nonsense as the chicken egg/order argument here:


Lesson 7: Sociology: The Divine Imprint Clip:

“Have You Talked to a Chicken Lately?”


Interested in your experiences and opinion on this one...

(first topic, so I hope it is in the right forum section)

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Have I talked to a chicken lately? It's been a few decades. But I have no reason to think they have changed their tune anymore than crows, blue jays, and other creatures have changed the way they "talk." Here's what chickens say to anyone who will listen--or not listen--I can't figure out if they care whether anyone is listening; they just go ahead with their "gawksing." Here's what they say, "Gawk, gawk, gawk."


Children's books say chickens cluck. Not my dad's leghorns didn't. They gawksed. If they were content, they'd walk through their pen saying, "Gawk" with every step, their heads keeping time with their feet. Every time a foot stepped forward, the head would push forward, too, and say, "Gawk." If they laid an egg, or if something frightened the flock, an excited gawksing would erupt. But "gawk, gawk" is what hens/chickens say.


Their tiny brains have nothing to contribute to the chicken/egg discussion. Nature--or human interference with nature--makes them lay eggs, forms them into egg factories, so they lay eggs, peck up the food put before them, and say "Gawk, gawk."


I doubt the city-slicker evangelicals know too much about this.


Oh, and I looked up your link for Truth Project. It's Focus on the Family. Yeah right, they'll try to be convincing. But they will succeed only for the already-convinced. They like having a couple atheists around in order to slaughter them for their stupidity. They manage to make atheists look stupid by asking questions that no self-respecting atheist can or will answer. An excellent example is Norman Geisler and Frank Turek's book I don't have enough faith to be an atheist. And of course they would slaughter me for my answer about the chickens because it's totally not what they want or are looking for.

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