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Originally Posted by Splayd http://www.christianforums.com/style/buttons/viewpost.gif

I also figured that while I could see the possibility for an old earth, it was better to stick to a literal understanding of a young earth.


You can actually have both.


Just as God created Adam with maturity, He created the earth with maturity 6000 years ago.


In other words, He simply embedded age into His creation.


I'm not a YEC, but I believe the earth was created 4.57 billion years old, 6000 years ago.


In other words, when it came into existence ex nihilo, it came into existence 4.57 billion years old, and since then, it has gone around the sun just over 6000 times.











See that?


God created the Earth 6,000 years ago, but 'aged' it to look as if it's 4.57 billion years old.


Wouldn't that make God into a liar - deliberately fabricating false information about the natural world to deceive anyone who doesn't hold to Genesis-based Young Earth Creationism?


I find it sick-making to see how far Creationists are prepared to go to 'force' reality to conform to their understanding of scripture.

Doubly so, considering the brazenly anti-scientific and shamelessly anti-rational stance of this zealot.



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This should make you feel a little better...




In regards to the OP, I've encountered that argument from my own parents, laughable as it is. It's just great proof of the lengths an ID'er or YEC'er is willing to go to shove that square peg into the round hole. It's the same as them saying, "the debil put da fossils in the ground to deceive us!"

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I have seen this referred to as "Last Thursdayism." In other words, if God could have created the world to appear it was 4.5 billion years old and just start up the machine and let it go, then he could have done the same thing last Thursday instead of 6000 years ago, creating us all with false memories of things that happened before that moment.


When I have accused God of being a liar if we assume that "Last Thursdayism" is true, I have been told that he didn't lie, because he told us in the Bible that the earth wasn't old, and that's all the evidence we need!


Circular reasoning is circular.

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If god created the earth to look 4.6 billion years old and he created it only 6,000 yrs ago, then he still forgot to figure dinosaurs and carbon dating into his equation. If god creation appears to be billions of years old then the carbon dating would still only indicate an age at the most as around 6,000 years old. God sucks at math too.

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The whole YEC an 6000 year model is not mentioned anywhere in the bible. It was a reverse engineered calc by some RC bishop that dated the earth to be this young age by tracing the begats back. Irony is that these folk also believe in a global flood but ignore the fact that in this event, the Egyptians were still in construction phase plus there is no evidence of the exodus and if you google rock of horeb, look at the pics. some split rock brung forth water, not to mention they also believe that there were 2-6m hebrews fleeing. Did some calcs for a guy based on the minimum requirement of 2l water per human per day and the daily ritual of collecting water, turned out it was a gusher that no one would be able to hold a jar to and the conveyor that would need to convey the womenfolk to collect would have been faster than any conveyor ever made, picture the women horizontal holding on for dear life. Then they also had animals.


Debating these woos is a fucking waste of time, facts do not concern them.

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There would be no point in god making a very young Earth look very old, so as to make his bible look like a load of lies.




A creationist dies and is in the queue at the Pearly Gates. He listens to the people before him and even some who have doubts are let into heaven so being a creationist who believes the bible from the first word to the last he knows he will get in.


it comes to his turn and St Peter looks down his life record.


"Hell!" says St Peter.


The creationist is shocked.


"Why must I go to hell when I believed in Jesus and in the whole bible?" wails the creationist.


St Peter says: "You believed in creationism?"


The creationist nods.


"That was a test and you failed."


"But how did I fail if I believed?"


"Because only an idiot would believe such nonsense. As St Augustine said 1600 years before your time; if what you see to be true with your eyes contradicts holy script, then the script must be wrong. To believe otherwise is stupid and god does not want heaven to be full of stupid people. Goodbye."


A lever is pulled and the creationist vanishes into the pits of hell.

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I used to argue with my Dad about evolution. I thought we were arguing over the truth. But I see now that we were fighting for dominance.


My Dad has changed. And I have changed. We've recently been through the shadow of impending loss. He told me yesterday that he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and he was a stranger to himself.


I no longer wish to dominate him. A great compassion has arisen within for him. I'm crying.

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The fact that this stance exists is sad, but I like it a lot more than strict creationism. It lets those Christians get off the scientists' backs some, so science can do its job.


@HereticZero: With this view, I assume that they think that God made the dino bones and Carbon-14 deposits seem old too.


The problem with this view is that it's dealing with an eternal, timeless being. From God's perspective, creating the universe 13.75 billion years ago and creating it as though it's 13.75 years old has no discernible difference.

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From God's perspective, ...

Yeah man, from God's perspective. I woke up this morning with God's perspective. But by the time I had taken a wizz and put on some coffee it had mostly worn off.

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