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Odes To Zombies


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Onward Christian Walkers


There is a show on AMC,

It's called The Walking Dead

And it reminds me of the ones

With books instead of heads

They shuffle aimlessly through life

They shamble all around

They mindlessly convert until

There's no brains to be found



Zombie Haiku


Brains brains brains brains brains

Brains brains brains brains brains brains brains

Brains brains brains brains brains



Why Aren't You A Zombie Yet, Brian?


I know that God does not exist

And trust me, it is true

I know that if he did exist

That zombies would eat you

But zombies don't exist, you see

And you're still standing there

And that is proof enough for me.

...If he was real, he'd care



How beautiful are your feet in sandals, O Prince's Daughter


The delicate epileptic jerking of your body moves in motion with my heart

You shamble, shuffle; the silhouette of my love could darken the night

Your breasts are like two half-eaten pieces of bologna left out for a week

The scent of your rotting flesh intoxicates even the angels on high.

Lo, even those with iron stomachs retch in pure rapture.

Your terrific vision stirs me.


Your staggering feet are like two wandering gypsies. Your tangled hair, a dove's nest.

You are adorned like a queen, oh my love. Your intestines are like beautiful lace and ribbons.

And that they are wound about your neck is a nice touch, if I do say so myself.

Your pale corpse skin cracks with caked blood, reflecting the sunshine of our love

Surely, I could not run from you, O vicious temptress

I long to be trapped in your embrace.

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I love how you changed the beauty of solomon's daughter around. Brilliant!

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I totally forgot about this thread and I meant to add this one in...it's kind of a prequel to becoming a zombie...I have artwork for it somewhere...like a kid's book haha...



Scratching, Scratching at My Sore


I have been scratching


At the growth above my hip.

It seems to squirm around in it

And makes it hard to sit


And my scratching

ever constant burrowing

Like that of a mole furrowing

Has made my skin appear to be yellowing

in the sun----

But my scratching at this thing

Made my skin begin to bleed

And like a rotted seed

My flesh has now begun to recede

and peel----

Scratching, scratching at this sore

Doctors say don't worry

But it seems to be getting furry

And yesterday I was in a hurry

To get my ointment from the drug store.

Tonight I lay her scratching

ripping off my night shirt

My sore beginning to fire an awful hurt

Giving off a contemptuous squirt

on to my carpeted floor.

Then a sizzle of acid

Burning smell of carpet

Something reminiscent of a tar pit

Smoldering in my poor hip

begins to rear its ugly head----

And I keep scratching

Fingers coated with grime

Reeking a foul, odoriferous yellowish slime

As chunks of my flesh ooze off in quick time

To feed my doggy on the bed.

What kind of damned infection....

Some scientist's new creation?

Leaving me with no salvation

As I keep scratching, scratching at my sore...

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