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"dmca" - Welcome To The New Digital World According To Dmca Read This Before Posting Any Content.

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Simply? We no longer until notified in future that we are now bound by the Digital Millinum Copyright Act.


From Wikipedia on hotlinking to material:


Linking to infringing content


The law is currently unsettled with regard to websites that contain links to infringing material; however, there have been a few lower-court decisions which have ruled against linking in some narrowly prescribed circumstances. One is when the owner of a website has already been issued an injunction against posting infringing material on their website and then links to the same material in an attempt to circumvent the injunction. Another area involves linking to software or devices which are designed to circumvent DRM (digital rights management) devices, or links from websites whose sole purpose is to circumvent copyright protection by linking to copyrighted material.[4]

There have been no cases in the US where a website owner has been found liable for linking to copyrighted material outside of the above narrow circumstances.


Temporary solution:


You may post URL to the information. You may snip a short portion of article, a "teaser", to draw attention to content.


From this point forward, until this Law and set of Regulations might be overturned we MUST not expose Ex-Christian dot net and Webmaster Dave to legal problems due to content he has no control over.


ANY such "fully quoted content post" will be taken down with no further warning, its poster warned politely, if infringements continue said poster given lengthy vacations as per Owner of Ex-Christian dot net.



Thank you for your consideration, please continue you enjoy your stay and visitation here.



kevinfuckin'L Fence rider for Webmaster Dave.

24Jan2012 1645PST

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Topic moved by me since everyone is asking about the procedure.


In other words, for an article (or book)




1. Quote only a small part of it, like the beginning or make a paraphrased summary of what the article is about

2. Create a link pointing to the source (if it's an online source) For books, give books title.

3. Write the author's name to give credit





1. Quote whole article

2. Forget the link

3. Not give credit to the author



This applies to posts that starts a new discussion and any post within a discussion. Put it this way, follow that same ethics you would for a college essay (except MLA format is not required).


Link to a resource regarding plagiarism: http://www.collegeboard.com/student/plan/college-success/10314.html (Collegeboard.com)

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