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This Isn't What I Had Hoped!

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I agree with many of the others who've posted that you generally have to be careful of which part of the forum you go to. Some of us will say extremely nasty things in the Rants and Raves section as well as Lion's Den.


As for me, I'm an atheist, yet I believe in ghosts and the general concept of energy/chi. I've never tried alternative therapies mostly because they cost so much and aren't covered by health insurance. I have an autoimmune disease myself and I would be willing to try ANYTHING if I could afford it to at least lessen some of the symptoms. So I guess that only makes me a mild skeptic.


There are some people on this site who seem to be looking to start a fight as well. It's hard, but a lot of times you just have to try to not take it personally. Sometimes I'll almost cry or throw my computer when I read Legion's political rants because I feel like he's attacking me personally as a liberal. Then I have to take a breath, step back, and realize that he's attacking an idea, not me as a person.


He only attacks me as a person.






Well I'm usually not even involved in the argument like you are!

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