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Zombiefied Group Photo Project

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ATTENTION ALL MY FREAKY FUN FRIENDS! I'm going to make a group photo of us all (my friends from ALL OVER THE NET THAT IS). Zombiefied.... So, if you would like to get in on this, I need you to send me an ATTACHED photo to me via message.


Preferably a semi close up that has you from the middle abdomen and up.


Photo lighting CANNOT have you bleached out. I need your imperfections showing. Enhances the rotting process!


Also, please make sure the photo doesn't have a weird angle (ie a shot from up high, down low, etc.) Fairly straight on shots are fine, though it is okay if you have your body cocked at an angle.


FILE SIZE: I need it to be at least a 3 mp quality photo.


I am going to start work on this over the weekend, so submit shots by Weds evening. Remember. BEAUTY SHOTS NOT NECESSARY since I'm grossing you up anyhow. ;o)


Oh, and it will be free for everyone that is in it to have, print, what-have-you.


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