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I Believe

Guest MadameX

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Guest Xtech

I believe


I am part of something bigger than me. Part of something that I am a player in, something that I am a participant in, something that moves through me. Something that in turn plays me, something that controls me to some extent, in fact to a degree that is often frightening.


It is hard to know what to call this. But whatever it is, I also feel it connects me to other people. Perhaps it is an awareness of being a part of nature, of being composed of the same raw materials that make up my friends, the animals we share our planet with, the land I tread on, the plants I eat, the water that passes through me.


This feeling of being connected works many ways. It shapes a sense of community with other people and also a sense of responsibility for the life I lead. Yes, I am part of a much larger picture. Yes I am very small and very temporary, a fleeting assembly of Carbon and Nitrogen and Oxygen and other elements, but yes, I also believe I make a difference by being here. And this is how:


I believe in helping other people. I believe in working towards a common goal of a better world. I believe in loving each other, even the ones that are hard to love, and forgiving whenever possible, yet holding people responsible for their actions. I believe in raising children that will make the world a better place, whether in a small way or maybe in some great way. I believe in hope. I believe in cultivating a spirit of gratitude, everyday, for life is wonderful, but short. I believe in tolerance and understanding, which includes understanding oneself, maybe through prayer or meditation or other quiet reflection. I believe in taking action towards these goals, because they will not come about in any sort of magical way. Nothing supernatural. I am an atheist :-) and a very happy one.

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It's this same feeling of connectedness that allows me to love others. Christianity and my Christian upbringing never gave me that foundation for love. In Christianity we are just individual souls separate from each other and our environment. Even with all the grand concepts like omnipotent creator and sending his only son to die for us, the experience was shallow. And for all the talk about a relationship there was no sign of a relationship. Only after leaving this religion that preaches a world of separation and damnation could I see that the universe is actually an interconnected world of love.

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Take that, theists! Don't tell me atheists don't believe in anything!


I believe you're right, Xtech. Very nicely worded! Thanks for posting this.

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