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The Forbidden


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‘The Forbidden’



The tree of knowledge an enticing fare

succumbs to temptations mighty foray.

Burden thyself with honey glazed fruit...

The poisoned arrows of a written bouquet.


Good and evil plainly laid out

within the recipe of Satan’s brew.

Parable and verse (All beware!)

‘Twas by this verse that Adam was slew.


Today revived, anew once more

this tree of forbidden old.

Handed down through generations--

a saving grace within we’re told.


Righteous wisdom – right and wrong

a deceit the Devil hath devised.

This crafty serpent held high on cross

yet, it was mankind he most despised.


Eaten in hope, but can it ease your pain?

Consume this evil and ye shall know.

Ah, to taste the hatred of Able’s Cain--

eat of the tree but to feed the crow.


A scavenger of sorts feasts on flesh

and for death it shall surly come,

to reward consumption of the forbidden fruit.

If – to this unforgivable you succumb.


This tainted well ~will~ beckon you,

but shall it save the needy soul?

Receive not the wisdom within this book

for evil (Forbidden!) is this tree of old.

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