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Books You Are Reading Or Plan On Reading Soon?


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I've got three books in mind that I plan on buying as soon I have the funds. 


Moral Combat by Sikivu Hutchinson 


The Bible of The Adversary by Michael W. Ford


The Baphomet Codex by Ego Diabolus



Another one I plan on getting is Tarot Talismans. It sounds interesting. The best part is most of these books are actually quite cheap, so hopefully I can have them by the beginning of the new year. 

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I just finished listening to "Proof of Heaven" by Eben Alexander which is about a neurosurgeon who has a NDE, and am reading "Get It Done When You're Depressed" by Julie Fast, which is a how-to about how to get things done when you're depressed.

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All books or just theological ones?


I have a bunch:

The Cider House Rules- John Irving

A Light Between Oceans- M. L. Stedman

In One Person- John Irving

Tell the Wolves I'm Home- Carol Rifka Brunt

Gone- Cathy Hanauer

The Little Giant of Aberdeen County- Tiffany Baker

This beautiful life- Helen schulman

Rules of civility- Amor towles

Next to love- Ellen Feldman

Sugar in my bowl- Erica Jong

*Miss timmins' school for girls- Nayana Currimbhoy

The oriental wife- Evelyn

*Stone Arabia- Dana spiotta

The lantern- Deborah lawrenson

*Turn of mind- Alice laplante

The autobiography of mrs. Tom thumb- Melanie Benjamin

13 reasons why- jay asher

Look homeward, angel- Thomas Wolfe

A clockwork orange- Anthony Burgess

The Christian Delusion- John W. Loftus

The Heathen's Guide to World Religions- William Hopper

Christian No More- Jeffrey Mark

Happiness is a chemical in the brain- Lucia perrillo

Quest for honor- M. B. S. Bruni

Pariah-Dee Rees

Mistakes of Moses- Robert Ingersoll

Requiem for a Dream- Hubert Selby Jr.

The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster- Bobby Henderson

Marriage Under Fire- James Dobson

There But For The- Ali Smith

Stop Kiss- Diana Son

The End of Christianity- John W. Loftus

God's battalions- Rodney stark

Children of men- P. D. James

Seating arrangements- Maggie Shipstead

True believers- Kurt Andersen

The whipping club- deborah Henry

The virgin cure- ami McKay

Heading out to wonderful- Robert goolrick

The age of miracles- k. t. thompson

Shout her lovely name- natalie serber

The world without you- Joshua henkins

Whatever happened to Sophie wilder- c. beha

The starboard sea- amber dermont

The butterfly clues- Kate Ellison

Adrift in the sound- Kate Campbell

Love you more- Lisa Gardner

1q84- haruki murakami

News from the world- Paula fox

Daughters- Joanna Trollope

The family fang- Kevin Wilson

The Alienist-Caleb Carr

The end of faith-Sam Harris

Nonbeliever nation-David Niose

Last summer-holly chamberlin

A more innocent time-Eugenie hill

A stranger in the mirror- Sidney Sheldon

The right to privacy- alderman and Kennedy

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Sorry about double-posting. I'm on my iPod and editing is hard.


Currently reading Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, The Fountainhead, A Twisted Faith, and A More Innocent Time.

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I just finished reading "Mrs Kennedy and Me" by Clint Hill. Good read. As for the future, it'll be a bunch of books for my classes next semester, mostly focusing on terrorism, intelligence (for my thesis)  and other regional security issues. The only one I've bought so far is Cold Terror and it looks pretty interesting. 

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Finishing up Ram Dass's Pathways to God Living the Bhagavad Gita, going to read several Buddhist texts although the name elude me at the moment, also working on Corpse Party Blood Covered, and Azumanga Diaho...

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Re-reads have been marked with an *

I am currently reading:


Stardust* by Neil Gaiman

The Hobbit*, by JRR Tolkien


I plan on reading:


American Gods, by Neil Gaiman

Discworld (series), Terry Pratchett

A Song of Ice and Fire (series) George RR Martin

The Lord of the Rings*, JRR Tolkien

Salem's Lot, Stephen King

Malazan Book of the Fallen (series), Steven Erikson

Dresden Files (series), Jim Butcher

The Once and Future King, TH White

The Knight*, Gene Wolfe

The Wizard, Gene Wolfe

The Book of the New Sun, Gene Wolfe

Harry Potter* (series), JK Rowling

The Way of Kings*, Brandon Sanderson

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell*, Susanna Clarke

Dracula*, Bram Stoker

Carmilla, Sheridan Le Fanu

The Name of the Wind*, Patrick Rothfuss

The Wise Man's Fear, Patrick Rothfuss

Psalms of Issak (series), Ken Scholes



This is in no way a complete list. I'm sure I forgot a few books/series. I may update it later, or just make another post once I've thought of some more books I want to read some day.

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The Ebil Ebil Socialist™ that I am is currently alternating between a re-read of Howard's original Conan novels and a book on "Imperialism as highest form of capitalism" by a certain Mr Lenin :P

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I've been planning on buying/reading Moral Combat, but I've never gotten around to it. Currently I'm reading Go Tell It On The Mountain.

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Read or currently reading:


Trauma and Recovery (ptsd) - Judith Herman

The Half Empty Heart (dysthymic disorder)- Alan Downs

The Last Viking: The life of Roald Amundsen - Stephen Bown

Revolutionary Wealth - Alvin Toffler

First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong - James Hansen

Civilization: The West and the Rest - Niall Ferguson

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"Ensouling Language" by Stephen Harrod Buhner.

So far it is the best book I've ever read about how to connect with the audience when writing non-fiction. The first draft of my book was pretty dry, and given the subject (my deconversion) that was disturbing. It should connect with the reader's emotions, and I think this book I'm reading will help me in the next draft.

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