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Oh for goodness sake


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So the university had a speaker come and talk about Intelligent Design vs Evolution, and now all these stupid letters are appearing in the Press about the merits of ID from business students (who apparently have found Gawd in between the spreadsheets of their Microsoft Excel programs). One guy in particular quotes Hovind.


Yes, folks, dr.dino is mentioned throughout as a paragon of information regarding evolution and radiometric dating and carbon dating. Some quotes from the letters:


"I have my own theory that evolution is a religion of sorts, seeking to free humankind from any kind of worry that they may be held accountable to some greater being."


"Look at a maple leaf. Why would it develop that way? Survival of the fittest? I don't think so."


"Intelligent design is a better theory than evolution because it takes something that we can see, test, and experiment with (science) and makes a logical deduction from it (faith), unlike evolution which makes up something no one has ever seen (not science) and tries to use science to make the thoery seem to make sense (faith)."


That is only the tip of a great fucking ice berg of stupidity.



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