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This was something posted on the Micheal Teachings site I regularly follow. 






[MEntity] Imagine someone in your time (named "steve") having a profound message, having it cause a tremendous upset and uproar, but your never really having had any way to meet this person. You hear stories that he can fly, that he can lift great weights, and that he had a hidden identity. The lore of Superman, previously enjoyed only as fiction and fun, now comes to be attributed to this actual figure.


[MEntity] So the lore of Superman comes to be the lore of steve.


[MEntity] The lore of Osiris became the lore of Jesus.


[Oscar] So what was the real story of his life?


[MEntity] Most of the humble beginnings are valid, except for the virgin birth, of course, and the growing conflict within regarding the concept of innocence and sin, prompted by his mother's influence and teaching.


[MEntity] Being amid the poverty and suffering while watching divisions grow in society that seemed geared toward punishing and oppressing the poor, or invoking wars among them, the notion of the simple solution of "love one another" came to be upheld as his mission to secure.


[MEntity] This was not sappy, or without details, but a serious attempt to encourage responsibility for one another, not just the self, or those similar to self.




Just some more stuff to add to the fire.





There is far more in the long post than just the quoted bit.  I found it interesting and thought some of you might as well.

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I usually feel that way about posts on there.  


Every new post that answers a question, usually generate about 5-6 more. 

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Heh, well I don't mean to sound adversarial.  But he did also introduce the concept of "believe in me or go to eternal hell" (yes I know he wasn't the first one to suggest this, but he did popularize the concept).  The Pharisees are given a bad portrayal in the Bible, but Jews in Jesus' day emphasized the concept of loving one's neighbor a lot more than Christians given them credit for.  So I don't see the penultimate comment in your original post as redeeming Jesus' ultimately hateful message.

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It wasn't meant to be redeeming or anything like that.  I found it interesting.  I shared it.  


Choose to see it how you will. 

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