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How Long Will Pope Francis Last?


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There can be little argument that Pope Francis is cut from different cloth than others. He has already demonstrated that he will not want the creature comforts that go with the office. He has even dispensed with some security precautions that most would consider standard for today. He is signaling that the Church might be in for some changes (though I doubt very much they will involve core dogma.)


The last pope that showed strong signs of genuine reformation in the Church was Pope John-Paul I, and he lasted only 30 days.


So my question is this: What is the over/under for Pope Francis? Will he last more than a year? I certainly don't think he will make it five years due to age. But would an exit in under a year be cause for investing in Alcoa?


By the way, did anyone find the fondling and kissing of the disabled boy by Pope Francis to be somewhat creepy?

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