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Youtube 3D Slideshow [And 2D Too] Ravine Gardens Palatka Florida.


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Pics I took of Ravine Gardens in Florida. Stereoscopic 3d. Relaxing stuff, types who like to meditate should enjoy it.


3D Version:


2D Version:




More to come in the near future. I visited the Florida Museum of Natural History [Awesome Butterfly Garden], Jacksonville Zoo, and Kanapaha Botanical Gardens recently as well. I'll be uploading slideshows of all of these places in 2D and 3D soon. This is actually the least impressive, and shortest of the bunch, which is why I used it to figure out what I was doing. Anyway, I'll be getting to the others soon but it takes a few hours to edit and upload one of these videos, so it'll probably be a couple of days or so before I get around to the next one.


I've really just figured out how to edit and post this stuff. I've not posted on Youtube since the early 2000s. It's gone well though and I've got it down. Just had to dust off my memory and figure out a few of the newer functions. It was more the editing software than posting it on Youtube though. I used Windows Movie Maker and Stereo photo maker and it took me a few tries to get everything set right.


Anyway, I've got an Annual State Park Pass, a 3D camera, and a whole lot of free time thanks to my illness. So expect more of this sort of thing from me in the future.


This sort of thing is actually good for me believe it or not. I can't run, can't lift more than 40lbs for more than a few yards, and get out of breath climbing stairs or going up an incline, but I can hike for miles on relatively level ground if I take my time and pace myself well. I don't have allergies to worry about, and I can deal with going up an incline or up stairs if I take frequent breaks every ten to twenty feet or so.


Getting down stairs is easy, getting back up, that's something else.


At any rate, I've got lots of time, no job, and this is a cheap way to have a good time that's good for me as well.





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     The 3D clip only plays black with audio for me here but it works okay on YouTube.  The problem is the window there is too big for me to free view.  I'll give it another go later.



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