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After watching a recent spate of christian denial and rule-bending I got inspired to create a graphic that lays a few items on the line and names a humanist alternative.


One can use it as a screensaver, background, printed ad --whatever. 


The intent was to call-out the opposition's evident evils and offer an alternative.

You may or may not agree with it, so it is provided as-is.

No warranty. No guarantee of satisfaction. It won't put hair on your chest or head (applies to men & women).

No guarantee that it will get you laid. (However, if it does please post the video of proof).




Flyer: Are You tired Of... Support Your Local Humanist/Atheist Community


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I know some Christians who would be intrigued by this and would nod their heads about most or all of the "offended by" statements... but as soon as they see the word "atheist" at the bottom, they will roll their eyes and disregard it all. Know what I mean?


I'm thinking it would be effective with those folks if this were just the teaser. When they see "good people are fed up," they may likely assume that means "other good Christians like yourself are fed up." If they think about it enough and decide to follow through for more info on how to clean up Christianity, you can lead them to an innocuous-sounding website that then reveals the atheist bit.


Sounds kind of sneaky, but the atheist word is a bridge too far for them, too polarizing. The amount of time it takes for them to read the words and then consciously get themselves to the suggested website, might be enough time for a little seed to take hold.


Just my 2¢.

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