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Replacing Religion With Knowledge

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I am working hard at replacing religious belief with knowledge. I have a burning desire to KNOW. I already know too much about the Bible to find it believable as the "word" of a god. But I want to know about the universe and multiverse that we find ourselves living in. My current reading list consists of these great books at the moment:


Why Evolution is True by Jerry Coyne




A Universe from Nothing by Lawrence Krauss




Sense and Goodness without God by Richard Carrier




Anyone have any other great books on their reading list?



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This site has been referenced numerous times in other post. It contains a lot of good book references. I am more into disproving Christianity than God per se because I am not an atheist. I am agnostic with panendeistic leanings. I tend to think the ancient mystics had the right idea when it comes to searching for that which might be called the Divine or spirituality for lack of better terms.




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The God Delusion by Dawkins is another good read.



A good video series that can easily be found on YouTube is called "Why do people laugh at creationists" by the user Thunderf00t is a good series. I understand he is a physicist and in the 30+ videos he logically and methodically demolishes creationist and apologetic claims.

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Right now I'm reading The Universe Within by Neil Shubin. It's a summary of the history of earth, with a bit of focus on fossils as well as a look at how we consist of Carl Sagans "starstuff"

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