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I've noticed that the Christian definition of terms seems inconsistant with the mainstream dictionary defitions and merely with itself. This is my attempt to decipher the meaning of terms.

Love: sometimes the dictionary definition of "a deep emotional bond" other times a synonym for compassion. Christians seem to change the definition of this word to fit their needs. Since loving by the first definition is extremely difficult to do to strangers and enemies, they use the latter definition to fulfill the requirement of "loving your neighbor" and "loving your enemy". This cheapens love to where someone can never spend any time with you and not think you're anything special and can still claim "I love you" because they pity you. Oddly, Jesus demands of "love me more than anyone else or you'll burn in hell" is always defined by the first definition. This seems inconsistant to say compassion is sufficient for love in one case but not in another.

Hate: the dictionary defines it as "an intense dislike of someone or something". Since many Christians feel intense dislike towards those that hurt them or that they fear or distrust, they disobey the commandment of not hating. The definition is changed to "sadism against another" in order for intense dislike to not be hate.

Grace: A practically meaningless word that translates to "goodyness". Extremely nonspecific to the point where it can mean anything.

Mercy: The dictionary defines it as compassion towards enemies. Christians define "not striking you with lightning and instantly sending you to hell" as God's mercy.

Faith: means "confidence in the existance of something". You can be confident that something or somone exists and believe that there is the possiblity you could be wrong. Christians change the definition to "knowing the existance of God without any doubt you can be wrong without evidence" to condemn those who believe the chances of God's existance are 99% or lower. Those with a 99.9% faith in God or lower go to hell.


Many of these mutated definitions make communication more difficult.

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your definitions are off as well. Check some reasonably good dictionary if you don't believe me. If you pick very limited definitions of words, of course you won't understand how other use them. If you then go looking for Christians using them in ways that don't align with your too-narrow definitions ... quelle surprise! 


If you went looking for non-Christians using them in ways that don't align with those narrow definitions, you would find just as many examples.

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Sorry to disappoint but the Christian "love=compassion" is false by this dictionary. None of the 5 definitions match it. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/love?s=t

Same thing with hate http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/hate?s=t Same with faith http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/hate?s=t

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