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Check out the Ugaritic texts, the ones before Abram, and they also had a god name el, but they believe god lived on the edge of the earth, in Elysian Fields, (a Greek myth) where all the good people went. So their god was El and the Hebrew god was el and then Yahweh, and El wedded Asherat (the Goddess of the sea)  and they had children, one of which was Baal. Also El is Dagon, the fish God. It gets all mixed up.

Hell is also a place on the side of the city of Jerusalem where they went to sacrifice their babies to the god Moab.

Greeks had a hell God named Hades, and they said people sent a year in hell, but Hades was in charge of the gate of hell. To its all myth, burning in hell. But I believed it for many years a RC, but I always felt I'd make it to "purgatory" and burn for ? years.

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