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Nde: Heaven And Hell

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Earlier, I saw this video:


It is quite likely that this is a made up or overly exaggerated story, though I wouldn't know where to begin on finding an accurate source that could actually prove this story to be 100% true. Most sources about supernatural experiences are completely corrupted by subjectivity and confirmation bias.


According to the story told in the video, this Buddhist monk had all of these experiences of Hell and when he returned to life, he right away went to the conclusion of "Only Christians are right and going to Heaven!" but if he did indeed have a supernatural experience and really did see and speak with demons that were in Hell, in his dream, how could anyone that has this experience know for a fact that everything they were told during this experience of theirs is accurate?


If we assume that entities like demons, ghosts, and deities are actually real and that this Buddhist guy was really 100% dead and did come back to life, couldn't he have just as easily been deceived by a powerful demon that was able to make him see and hear everything it wanted in some sort of spiritual simulation and then brought back to life? Considering the nonsense that the Bible justifies and the behavior of the people and gods described in the stories, if the story of this Buddhist monk is 100% true and accurate, he could very easily have been fed misinformation by some sort of spirits or powerful entities that pose as gods once and a while that wanted more people to be converted into Christianity for some unknown reason.


This possibility would explain why some people have experienced Heaven and Hell either during death or after, just before being revived, and some have experienced nothing, only blackness. There are probably people who have experienced something entirely different than all of those things. If there really were malevolent spirits or some other kind of non-physical entity deceiving people through some sort of spiritual simulation, they could select randomly who experiences what at random times, for unknown reasons, and to say that is the case would be equally as valid as claiming that the experiences of this Buddhist monk proves Christianity.


I just thought this was an interesting topic and I honestly did not know where to post it exactly. Maybe the "Ex-Christian Spirituality" section would be better, but I really don't know. Any thoughts on the topic?

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