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Beyond Belief


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 Hymenaeus Alexander wrote this blog post. Just click it, it's worth the read. 



This got me thinking about my own relationship with CCM.  



I remember first hearing Michael W Smith at church camp.   That same week I was introduced to Amy Grant then too.   I wanted more of this emotional and moving music. 



However, I couldn't find it. 



That is until I was walking in my neighborhood and found a christian bookstore I didn't know was there.  I found Stryper, Petra, Amy Grant, MWS, DC Talk, and many others.  It was like every secular artist had a christian counterpart.  AWESOME!



While I like stryper's album art, I found mimicked heavy metal a bit too much.  Reminded me of those things I was told to avoid like megadeath and slayer. 



However, Petra........was like motley crue or def leppard which I liked.   So I bought, on cassette (it was 1988 afteralll), This Means War by Petra. 






Listening to it now,it seems more 80's than the 80's.  Age well it did not. 


I bought On Fire!, Beyond Belief, and Unseen Power.   It was the title track to Beyond Belief where things started to change. 






Listening to the lyrics now.  I realized that this was probably the trigger for my path to deconversion.    



We’re content to pitch our tent


When the glory’s evident


Seldom do we know


The glory came and went.



Moving can seem dangerous


In this stranger’s pilgrimage


Knowing that you can’t stand still


You cross the bridge.



While I didn’t see it at the time, being a teenager an more interested in girls, video games and movies,  this affected me.  



It was probably a few years after getting this cassette that I started to question why I didn’t get an answer when I prayed.   How were people who showed up on Easter and Christmas still Christians?  Why did I have to go to church every single Sunday, even though I slept through most of the services and got nothing out of it? Did any of this church stuff matter?



No it didn’t. 



I realize now that finding the CCM and joining the bell choir and regular choir and doing all of those things in the church was a teenage version of trying to strengthen my faith.  It had no answers for me.  On some level, I knew that.  So once I was out from under my parents house, I started to search.



Of all the CCM music I listened to this song will probably remain as a favorite for starting to push me out of Christianity.




What about you?  Any CCM songs that you look back on now and realize it may have helped you leave?



EDIT:   Credited the actual author of the blog cause I'm a dumbass.

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That's actually my blog, but thanks for the referrals smile.png


One that always stuck in my head was "Prove Me Wrong" by Caedmon's Call.


I fear maybe this is all just a game

Our friends and our families all play too

Harness the young and give some comfort to the old


Cast out my doubts, please prove me wrong

'Cause these demons can be so headstrong

Make my walls fall, please prove me wrong

'Cause this resentment's been building

And burn them up with your fire so strong

If you can before I bail, please prove me wrong


Yep. "Prove me wrong" was my prayer too. Never happened.

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It kinda makes me wonder now just how many CCM songs might have actually planted doubts in people while trying alleviate the doubts of people.

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Man, stryper, I was about the same age as you and really into the same CCM scene as a teenager.  A few weeks ago, just for kicks,  I downloaded a torrent with the complete works of Whiteheart....that was a blast from the past.  I was a huge Petra and MWS fan as well.


As i got older, my musical tastes changed a bit, and I was probably most affected by Rich Mullin's music.  His very genuine passion, but also his honesty about doubts had a role in my search which led me out of Christianity.  As well, one of my favorite CD's (even to this day) was Amy Grant's "Behind the Eyes", which was a scandalously secular album full of the reality of life, loss, and doubt.

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Wow - HA - Roger Breland's Truth.   Thought I would be the only one to remember them.   Thanks to the age of Youtube I can watch old videos of these groups and marvel at what I liked in music back then.   

But I do miss Larry Norman.   Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music?   And, well, I guess I am no long "Ready".   But thanks Larry for wishing ". . . . We'd all been Ready".   No more.

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The Thinking Atheist (Seth Andrews) did a podcast on CCM on May 22nd.   He was a DJ at a CCM station back in the day.   I thought it was well done and interesting, like other stuff that he has done.  



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