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If anyone is fascinated with physics, here is an awesome youtube channel I found that explains many physics principles from classical to relativity to the standard model, it covers everything!  I am currently watching the series on quantum electrodynamics/chromodynamics.   Fascinating stuff explained in very simple terms.  For any science buffs out there this is a great refresher or intro to new fields. 



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Dammit, these videos are great, but they make me wish I had done more math in high school and college. I can follow along with the concepts, but then when he starts shuffling all of the bits of the equations around, I get lost. Maybe I'll just need to watch them a bunch of times.

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I'm actually thinking of hitting the community college just to take some math and science courses.  Going to christian schools makes you a little light on things like biology.  But learning the greek alphabet was really helpful.

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