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Really Neat Astronomy/planetarium Program.


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It's called Universe Sandbox, and for the next four hours or so it's $2 on Steam.


This is the absolute coolest planetarium program I've ever messed with.


It's a simulation that you can tool around with the Universe in. There are settings for all sorts of star systems, including our own. You can also play god and toy with the Universe. Replace the Sun with a Black hole, double the mass of the Earth, blow up moons, make galaxies collide, and all sorts of interesting stuff.


It's a neat program and not really a game. There are no objectives, no story, it's just a sandbox with a simulated galaxy for you to explore and mess with.


Normally it's $10, but Steam is having the Summer Sale and it's $2 for the next few hours, so snap it up. It's a very cool toy and could be used as a very useful educational tool as well.


I took a few screenshots, but it's more impressive in motion.







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