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Music Enriched By Post-Christian Experience


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So my awesome husband introduced me to Queensryche, a band that clearly drew inspiration from de-conversion from Christianity and the painful aftermath of readjusting. (We both grew up in Christian homes and are the only one in our families who don't believe anymore.) There's themes of disillusionment, and some Christian terms that were cues to me that they were talking about getting out and re-establishing a new life. Some of the songs from Queensryche and a sample of lyrics I like the most are:


One More Time   "Work hard in life, boy. There's paradise in the end."

Someone Else   "When I fell from grace" is the first line. Kind of about disassociation from your former self. 

Silent Lucidity   "Your dream is over, or has it just begun?"

Promised Land  "Preaching from the floor again, the same old sad song, 'Bartender, bring another drink...'"

My Global Mind  "My global mind reaches out for the truth."

Real World   "I can't find the real world alone."

Bridge     (A ballad from a son to a dad who wasn't there.)


Some time back, my husband also introduced me to the band A PERFECT CIRCLE and the song JUDITH, which is amazing and it'll tear your heart out; The song is to the writer's mother, a perfect Christian who lived it all, practiced what she preached, even through very terrible pain and physical suffering, and all the while, he's still so torn apart that she's suffering for this invisible God who doesn't care, doesn't exist. 


Google some lyrics or the songs and take a listen. Amazing. 


One thing I think we can all claim: Going though what we did and coming out the other side builds character and depth, and can serve as inspiration for art, music, writing, etc. It will always be with us. It's part of our life stories. 


Share me some of your favorite music that reflects an escape from Christianity or the aftermath of re-adjusting? I'm enjoying listening to all the recommendations I've gotten lately. I'm collecting it, and any suggestions for more are very welcome. 


(If you don't have any music recommendations on this specific topic, feel free to share favorite music anyway that reflects where you are right now, feels empowering, describes your journey, or is just stuck in your head. Please also say why it's got you hooked, why you like it, how it reflects you, etc.)

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That's interesting, I didn't know this about Queensryche.  Also, it's interesting that they were riding the wave of de-conversion with me, releasing these tunes during my de-conversion.  The one song of theirs to survive my playlist now is Silent Lucidity.  Love that song.


I can't offer much at this point, everything that influenced me was secular.  I guess U2, because they only called themselves a christian band for sales.  It only took the one line in the one song (Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For) for them to say they were christian.  After that they were free to do whatever.  That's political brilliance.  Unfortunately, it's the same thing politicians do, and they're not artists singing about love and wilds, they're destroyers.

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I have never listened to QueensRyche until now. I went to YouTube and checked them out.

It seems going by the comments there has been a different lead singer. Geoff Tate and Todd Le Torre.

I saw part of a live concert with Geoff Tate. And I liked the performance. I liked their sound. I will check more of their work. Thanks for sharing.


I like so many genres of music it's funny. anything from classical to jazz, new age. I have such an eclectic collection.

I like metal, Rage Agains the machine, Disturbed. I like Rock, grunge, Chris Cornell/SoundGarden/Audioslave.

and Progressive rock like "Yes" and "Rush"


I am a big fan of Rush and saw them for the first time in concert in '10. It was Awesome.


I use to listen to them a lot when i was younger and then when I became a fundy religious idiot I stopped listening to them and other rock music.


But now it's so great to get back to listening to my favorite band and exploring and discovering new bands and music again. Freedom and no guilt. It is so freeing.


When I started getting back to Rush there were songs I hadn't heard before because of my hiatus of stop listening to them and so I had missed new albums.

After my Deconversion in '08. I was seeking out the music I had missed over the years by Rush.

I came across

Their album "Snakes And Arrows" released in '07. and there is a song on there that struck such a chord with me it made me cry.


"Faithless" Is the song. And the line where it says

"And I believe in love and that's faith enough for me"

It helped me so much as I was struggling and so sad about what I was going through. It just confirmed that Love is enough. Love for one another. Love for my husband, love for my sons. The love I receive from them. It was just a poignant moment for me.


"I don't have faith in faith

I don't believe in belief

You can call me faithless

I still cling to hope

And I believe in love

And that's faith enough for me"


Another album they have is "Permanent Waves"

Has "Freewill" song on there.

The title pretty much says it. It's one of my all time favorite albums.

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