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Reasonable Doubts Podcast: Rd117 Why Are Atheists More Intelligent?


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The Doubtcasters return from their ridiculously long, unannounced break to dissect the research behind the much reported headline that non-religious people are, on average, more intelligent than the religious. While the available data makes it clear that religion is negatively correlated with intelligence, the reasons behind this relationship are less clear. We will review some of the best theories advanced to explain this relationship for this episodes "God Thinks Like You" segment. Also, a new counter apologetics segment asks "What is the probability that God would want to raise a first century religious leader from the dead?"; and the laughter is contagious in this weeks "Stranger Than Fiction"l-j1CgHN6SU


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Reasonable Doubts episodes do not seem to have valid dates associated with them. I thought that 116 and 117 were not showing up in the list, but it turns out they're just out of order.


I don't know why they didn't automatically download for me. I've only been subscribed for a few weeks, so maybe the problem will eventually correct itself.

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