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Disproving The Bible Idea


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Hi Folks,


I have been reading the posts on the book of genesis on the other forms and one thing strikes me is that most peoples house of cards fall down after reading this book.


Mine have and I am sure if I continue reading it will only cement my ideas.


Anyway - As I am working my way through the Bible I am going to be writing lists of problems I see in each of the books.  I would however like to know if over the next year or so that we as a collective expose the bible starting at genesis.


I know myself that if you want to stop believing you need hard evidence and although the SAB is a good bit of work I find that having someone else do your homework e.g. comparing scriptures is not as helpful as seeing every possible flaw picked out by our collective views.


What would everyone think about this?  I as I said I dont want it to be that we are doing peoples homework but more that we are picking out problems in each book every month so that disillusioned people can see the entire bible from a 'Real Perspective'


E.g. Something I would miss someone else would pick up on which would add yet another point to a general list of problems.


Look call me crazy but I myself would find it helpful to go through the bible with others nit picking at the things I havent seen and supporting the problems I have seen.

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I'm in. Let the re-reading and research begin.



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Its good to see there is interest I will spend the next few days on figuring out how this could work as if we started obliterating each book of the bible the posts would end up so long that they would be meaningless so I think perhaps more of a discussion on the Major Points of each book as opposed to nitpicking.  This way me and other disillusioned people can see this for themselves.


Yeah the Sab is a good book and very helpful but nothing puts the nail in the coffin faster than finding this stuff out yourself when you believe it with your own eyes and not based upon someones word.

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For me, the entire bible just completely falls apart because of one major fact. It's not just one book, or one verse that falls apart... But all of them at once:

God is good, loving, Almighty. Jesus loves innocent children, Jesus is God. Every day thousands of innocent little children due of starvation, disease or violence. Absolutely horrible fact of reality. Jesus can do miracles, Jesus fed five thousand people, Jesus heals people, Jesus is resurrected and alive right now. But for thousands of years he just sits on his throne indifferently watching thousands of innocent children starve to death, get murdered or suffer and due from horrible diseases.

WTF? if ANY of the bible is true, then this wouldn't happen!!! It's that simple. Jesus heals disease, Jesus feeds the hungry, Jesus saves... God fed the jews magical manna in the wilderness...But not really in real life, he just watches babies starve and die.

Where is their manna from heaven?

Where is their miraculous healing?

Is Jesus too busy?

No, he's dead, and doesn't have miraculous powers.


It's really that simple for me.


Of course there are thousands of other discrepancies in the bible, like the creation story and all the supposed miracles that somehow be we happen any more.


But this one simple fact, that Almighty God doesn't bother healing or fed ding innocent children with his super-powers... Well that just takes the cake. There is No such God.

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You don't even have to read the bible to know there is not a god who cares a

whit about humans. Unless one's heart has turned to stone, read about the

treatment to the Jews by the Nazi's during the late 1930's to 1945. And the

treatment of the Jews by the Poles, French, and the other countries occupied by the Nazi's during WWII. When the Germans took over any country during that war, the local folks were not hesitant to help them with aiding in the enforcement of the ruthless treatment of the Jews, which got worse and

worse during the war. I'm not minimizing the assistance provided by local citizens in the Resistance movement.My point is that Jew hating was so wide spread in Europe because of its Xtian history and culture.


If you want t having convincing evidence that there is no personal biblical god, read about Jews in Europe during that period of time. Before we get feeling

superior here in the US, the attitudes toward Jews wasn't much better than the

Nazi's. A huge shipload of Jews were refused entry into this country during the height of the Germany's occupations. They were returned to Europe and died in

the concentration camps.


But these are just the deaths. Read about the tortures of men, women and

children and the calculated humiliation of these people in ways that you could

not imagine. If detail knowledge of these atrocities doesn't awaken you about

the absence of a personal god, I don't know what will. bill

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