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Helpful Links For The Curious


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I'd like this to be a thread where links to helpful and informative sites can be found for the person that has just left christianity, is doubting, or anyone that just wants to further their knowledge really. The idea is to have them all in one place for easy access and have it pinned. Links can be submitted by anyone and should include a short description. If this is already been done let me know.


Skeptic's Annotated Bible/Quran/Book of Mormon: A website that picks apart religious texts and puts them into categories for easy reference. E.g. contradictions.



Talk Origins: Explores the debate between evolution and creationism, lots of stuff to read on this site.



Beliefnet: Learn more about other religions



About.com: Another website to learn about other systems of belief. Amoung other things.



Panda's Thumb: Popular evolution blog



TED Talks: Various talks on a plethora of subjects, quite a few on there about religion, belief, skepticism, etc.



Alain de Botton: Looking for philosophy? This guy is really good.



I'll probably add some more later.

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This is great, X, thanks a bunch!!

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