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Ball Lightening Finally Confirmed And Caught On Camera For The First Time


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For the first time the phenomenon known as ball lightning has been confirmed and caught on camera.


It's been reported for thousands of years by humans. Often called Will o' wisp and given supernatural status in various folklore, the phenomenon has never been recorded until now and it's existence in the natural world has been unproven. Many instances of the phenomenon were attributed to hallucination.


Scientists have been able to produce the phenomenon in small scale in laboratories, but until now there has been no concrete evidence that the phenomenon occurred naturally outside of hearsay accounts. One in every million bolts or so produces the effect making it extremely difficult to study outside of a controlled environment.


In a dumb luck turn of events Scientists studying regular lightening caught the phenomenon on camera and also spectrographic equipment. Apparently it's made of really pissed off dirt.


Hooray for discovering another awesome, dangerous, and potentially destructive phenomenon!

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