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Really creepy stuff, especially because the doctor, case worker and police witnessed these incidents. Just when I'm almost over religion, I hear of stories like this. 

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The same apply's to people being abducted by aliens and getting anal probes.
You scared of aliens taking you and putting things up you butt?

What im trying to say is, just because some people say something, doesn't mean its true.

Now sure there is a difference here... wish simply is:

If a police officer writes in report that aliens put something in his butt he will lose his job and get send to a mental hospital. :P

p.s. have no idea where this other post you mentioned is

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Clearly this is not the behavior of demons, it is the behavior of ghost children who learned to do cool tricks, so they decided to cause trouble just for giggles. The reason they react negatively to prayer is the fact that the people praying remind them of the Christians who abused them before they died, so they run and hide.


What if what I just said above was actually true? Assuming the information in the article is true and accurate, how could anyone be sure that it's actually demons that are responsible for this?

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You know, if you're really interested in taking out the fear, superstition, and paranoia power of these stories....


You can research hoaxes and especially mass hysteria. There's a lot to learn about our brains, and studying psychology really gave me the answers I needed to not be bothered about stories like this. 


Our brains can trick us. We can buy into ghosts or demons or hauntings and really freak ourselves out. The more attention we pay to it, the more "valid" those fears become and manifest in our behaviors and take root in our beliefs. The Salem Witch Trials were one of the worst / best examples of this kind of mass delusion / hysteria. Did people believe it? Sure, they did. I don't think everyone prosecuting the "witches" were just evil people who felt like putting their fellow community members to death for the fun of it. 


No, but seriously. Do some research on this and put your mind at ease. We know so much more now about how our brains react to stress and paranoia and dangerous superstitious beliefs... Don't live in the dark ages with people who didn't have access to our modern day information. 


Imagine those young girls who were messing around with their housekeeper's stories of voodoo -- probably bored girls with too much time on their hands, and so they were just having a little chilling fun with themselves, like telling a good ghost story around a campfire. But once other people caught wind of it, the girls messing around with rituals and naked dancing in the woods... and the girls started getting attention... it just sort of fed on itself. And then once they were getting pressured to say who had cast spells on them... and they were really under pressure and scrutiny... they had to start casting blame on others... so they may have even believed what they were saying. Their minds needed scapegoats, so convinced them that old pious ladies who kept to themselves must really be secret witches. The girls shook and cried and acted "possessed" because they had to. They were in too deep by this point, and they probably bought into it themselves, being impressionable teens. (And after all, if all the adults and ministers were taking it seriously... it must be real, right?) It took investigation from an outside community to put the smack down on that town and shake them back to reality. Because the outsiders hadn't been slowly convinced with one mental slippery slope step at a time that what was gripping the town wasn't total nonsense and hysteria. 


Anyway, do a little internet research on it. It's fascinating, so you'll enjoy the reading. And it will help you understand stuff like this a whole lot better, which will put your mind at ease. 

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We know so much more now about how our brains react to stress and paranoia and dangerous superstitious beliefs... Don't live in the dark ages with people who didn't have access to our modern day information.


And about how our brains react to things in our environment, or things we injest. Sometimes we forget that we are surrounded by "powers" beyond our senses, but of the natural instead of supernatural kind.


There's one hypothesis that the events in Salem may have started with food poisoning:




Some hauntings may be due to sounds that are below our hearing range:



Same thing that makes some people freeze when a tiger roars:



So it's quite possible that some of those sorts of things, it's not "all in their heads". But that doesn't mean that the people involved fully understood whatever it was that was happening, and humans really like to understand what's going on, so we'll make up stories just because making sense of things is what we do. And then stories grow with the retelling, and human memories are changable, so the people may really, sincerely believe the stories they tell.

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They published an extensive article in my hometown's (Indianapolis) online news site.  Apparently, the family was under investigation by CPS.   Some may have "witnessed" the possessions, but the case workers with the state concluded the children were basically brainwashed by mom and feeding into her beliefs... a kind of mass hysteria expressed by the impressionable children.  I'm sure they believe it happened, but believing in that kind of thing kind of makes you have deaf ears to reason.  No videos were taken of the supposed happenings, so likely, small events were exaggerated into crazy things, like a kid walking up a wall or whatever the hell they said happened.  I'm not easily convinced of this sort of thing, obviously. :)

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