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Is it, it only seems my whole life?

My heart as cold as ice

Caught in a grip of anger and despair

Dark mood seeming like a living force

Mask illness, make it romantique, smile forced


Daddy's show pony, perfect young wife,

Jesus' whore, regurgitated love while gripped in strife

Lock the door, lay on the floor, brush hair into carpet

Lock the door, lay on the floor, bleed for a man

It's the same, it's a shame, I'm a sham


How thin this mask, how deeply I feel

Ice melts, anger fades, comedy is illusion, love is real

I have to believe that, I want to believe that. Help me believe that.

No one can help, when they can't see me, they won't see me, I'm down

Feelings so strong, an ocean of them, waves over me, I drown.

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