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Free Fall


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I wrote this a while ago. It was what I was going through at the time,

it is not where I am now. I don't really consider it poetry,

I don't really consider myself a poet.

I consider this an artistic ramble, I am not an artist

but I am a feeling, creative person.





Sometimes I wonder when I fall apart will anyone be there

I suppose after banging your head on the wall after awhile you would have to walk away.

Maybe I should put on the show pony face?

Do the soft shoe?

I don't know, remind me how?

I went there, I did but why, can someone tell me why I go back?

When all the pieces of me are laying on the ground

When all my energy is gone and, I refuse to steal it from others

Will anyone be left?

What if I lost my sense of humor? Now that would be a crying shame, wouldn't it?

I gave up the darkness within long ago but people have no clue NONE


non sanis


RUN AWAY!!!!!!!

GOD! Why does she still want me, why won't she just die??!!

Why did I have these talents?

These inherent weaknesses,

these gifts, these curses?!


I don't want to read you, I don't want to feed off you!

Not any more but, it will cost me, more then they know.

and they call me evil!!!

They have no idea

They call me insane

or I don't exsist, HA! I wish!

They say, well , they say alot, they say waaaaaaaay too much.

Love, love freely flowing, love , redemtion, forgiveness

pure water washing over a soul

not for this one

funny the word damned

There is a dam for the damned.

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