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Funny Pics Thread Three

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While the signs above are good for a laugh, don't take them too seriously (pun intended). There are several websites for creating your own fake signs. Here's one:




You can usually tell the difference between a real sign and one of these generated ones by how clean the lettering looks.


Take the one warning about the cop behind the sign, that's real and you can tell because of the reflection off the letters, how worn they look, and by the fact that they look kind of dirty.


The same goes for the church sign ones, generated signs tend to be lined up perfectly and clean looking, without much reflection effect, where as the real thing will usually have more imperfections and reflections on the sign itself.


It's not worth the effort to inspect each one carefully over a gag, but most of the sings in that compilation are legit. I think the road sign one about the cell phone and the forest warning one might be fake, but most of them check out as real signs or at least damn good photoshop beyond the level of a generator site if you look close enough.

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