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The Ethics Of Abortion And Pro-Choice

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Guest Bambi



To answer the father wanting the child scenario, a guy I know had an unborn girl who was aborted and it was a planned pregnancy, the woman "changed her mind". He was torn up about it.


One of my friends said she wanted to join the army (she thought she was pregnant at the time) If she passed her fitness test she would abort it so she could join, if she didn't she would keep it.

She has been pregnant a few times because she wanted a baby, she has had one abortion that I know of because she "changed her mind". Then she said I could buy it off her and she doesn't really like abortion. Lucikly she wasn't pregnant.


I hang around with a lot of people who have casual sex, forget to take their pills, and say if it happens they'll see how they feel, but will probably get rid, and not to be un PC but these people aren't really "trashy" either, they are actually quite intelligent.


I really don't want to do the whole "I know her, and him and him... but I've been surrounded by this attitude for a long time, and I think its a disgusting attitude to have.


My beliefs are: a female vasectomy should be avalible to anyone who wants it, same for a man, with only a few questions asked just to make sure they are sure


Potential adoptive parents should be be trialled on a more regular basis, to speed up the adoptive process and make sure they are suitable for the child they wish to adopt.


People should buy contraception that is 98-99% reliable and USE it.


but I'll say it again, unwanted pregnancies do happen, that is why I am not anti abortion and have no judgement on anyone who makes a decision in that situation.


I am not so much against the physical procedere of the abortion, the medical field have made great strides to ensure any unhappiness or internal problems are resolved, I am more opposed to the nonchalant attitude about something quite serious/important.


Hopefully this makes sense.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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