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The Non Prophets 13.11


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Did You Miss Us? (Regarding the June 4th Show); Texas Republicans & Sneeches; Mailbag: Snake Handler Update!; Women in Secularism Conference-Leaving Islam for Atheism; Jeff on Being Outed; The Matt/Sye Debate; Mailbag: Circumcision, "Where's the June 4th Show?"; The Tea Party & Stoning Gays; Transhumanism; Responding to Street Preachers; Atheism Plus; The Firing of Edwina Rogers; Special Guest: TNP calls Creation Phenologist, Dr. Franklin SpootShit Internet Apologists Say: Dan Faulkner-"Our Sun is Not a Star!"Mailbag: "WTF HAPPENED TO THE JUNE 4TH SHOW?" Atheist Community of Austin


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