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For Kris: Daniel 9


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OK, let’s accept the dates completely line up and cannot debunked. So this is a single prophecy that 100 percent fits, compared with lot s and lots that don’t. If it proves the NT why isn't it all over the news, why didn't the Jews expect it, why did the NT writers use is to prove that Jesus was who He said He was.


Lets look at it another way, (assuming its all true) if Daniel and other Bible writers, truly could see the future, aided by God or angels, the future is fixed and nothing we can do or say can make any difference. I think (if I remember rightly) WLC said something along the lines of, that God knows everything we are going to do and has already pre-chosen  people for salvation….ergo there is nothing you and I can do about it.


However If you are terrified of Hell and it is keeping you up at night, try a simple prayer, saying that you don’t really understand but if you’re real (God that is) please take me to Heaven after death. Christians assure us that God loves us and understands us, so I would hope that if its all true, than a simple prayer, followed by staying OFF all sites that deal with meta-physics might bring you some relief.


There was a time, I am sure you were not familiar with the Bible and you didn't suffer for your lack of knowledge.


I don’t know what, if anything lies beyond the grave, but I do not you should not drive yourself mad, trying to solve problems that cannot be solved with perfect certainly. That way can only lead to misery I think.


Christians, who post proofs all over the web, often fail to life up to the standards they loudly proclaim for others. Please do not allow yourself to become distressed by a few lines written in a Book a long time ago.

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